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I had a double Mastectomy back in March and just had nipple/areola reconstruction this past Thursday and the stitches come out on Friday. Once the stitches come out what is something good to use to reduce the signs of scaring?


  • cruf
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    I used silicone strips on the scars and they look pretty light and flat. Ask your Plastic Surgeon. They have alot of ideas and have preferences from past experiences. Good luck! HUGS!! Cathy
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    I use 100% Shea butter on my mastectomy & port scars.
    best wishes...Cindie
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    Hi Jackie,

    I had a bilateral mastectomy in November and had nipple reconstruction in June. I'm just waiting for the areola tattoing to be completely finished. I had good luck with shea butter as well, and my surgeon told me the main thing is not to tug at the skin. Good luck!