Blood in Semen

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I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer with a PSA value of 6.2, Clinical Stage of T1C and a Gleason Grade of 3+3. Prostate Biopsy done on March 28, 2007.
I will be having surgery to remove Prostate in Late Setember of this year But,at present have a problem of blood in my semen.
This experience of is that of 10-12 droplets of blood plus small coltting (2-3 clots) I have no blood in my urine and no other conditions with this condition.
My sexual activity is limited to once a week and is very disturbing to me this bleeding issue.
When my biopsy was done did experience some heavy bleeding and brown semen for three weeks But, cleared for a time and my current problem has been for the past month.

Could you please advise me on this issueof blood in semen four months after biopsy.