Happy Birthday Scouty



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    Dear Lisa

    Many Happy Returns from across the pond! Have a wonderful day.


    Hey Catherine from across the BIG pond!!!!

    Thanks so much and enjoy your time off the chemo. Congrats on completing the regime. Keep me posted on how you and your family are doing.

    Hugs, Lisa P.
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    unknown said:

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    Thanks Jose and I really hope the "drive by" in October works out. I hope folks here are really wondering about that!!!!

    Hugs and hope to see you soon,

    Lisa P.
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    vinny3 said:

    Happy Birthday Lisa. Hope you have been out celebrating. Won't get to Nashville but hope to make the Palooza next year. I plan to have a date with you on your birthday 20 years from now (hopefully I won't be using a walker).



    I actually teared up on this one and will be moving it forward on the board. You made my year sir!!!!!!

    Humbled Hugs, Lisa P.
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    Hi Lisa:
    HAppy (belated) birthday..hope it was as awesome as you are!!! All the best