???Liver mets???

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I was dx with nsclc stage IV in Feb 2007. Since,I have had 6 carbo/taxol treatments with Avastin. My scans have been good so far, however we have been watching 2 spots in my liver. I was told with my last pet that my left lung is clear(this is the side from which I was staged),my right side is still clear,but now they are concerned with my liver. In all of my scans they have not changed in size and they've always been noted as possible cyst, or something else benign. The plan was to do RFA, but the radiologist can barely see them on CT. He said he would have never known they were there if it wasn't for my PET.The largest one is 2mm and the other is smaller than that. Does anyone have any input? Has anyone had a false PET reading? They did say that they are not even sure they are cancer, but vaguely lit up.


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    I had a ct scan about a year ago that showed spots on my liver but after having a specialist look at the scans they said it was nothing to worry about. My last scan they never even showed up. Prayers are with you.I also reccommend a place called lung cancer support community which will answer many of your questions.
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    Ive had a lot of follow up ct an pet scans so far they have been good .
    But I always remmber what my surgeon told me It is not cancer until they do a biopsy .
    I had my left lung removed an like you did Taxol an carbo. But I do understand you wake up thinkin Cancer you go to sleep thinkin Cancer .
    It's been a year an 2 months . Tell your Doc keep the Ct an Pets every 3 to 6 months.
    They said I had spots on my kidney so I guess they gota find something.
    prayers to you
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    I was dx with ovarian stage IV and three 2.5 cm tumors in my liver. I took four cycles of taxol/carboplatin that reduced the tumors by more than 50% and was cleared for surgery. I had optimal results which means they got all tumors 1 cm or over. On the liver I had RFA on the three spots. This was 5 weeks ago and I am now back on the chemo for 4 to 6 cycles to clean out the rest. I have not had a new CT yet but expect one after the 3rd chemo. RFA is radio frequency ablation and you can google it and read about it. I am hopeful that it took care of the liver.