am 6 yrs old and maybe have relapse

ishika Member Posts: 1 the mother of a 6 yr old little girl. 2 years ago she was diagnosed with Hodgkins stage II. After long chemo & radiation , she got thru . However, last Thursday she had her yearly checkup via scan and now her Dr is saying possible relapse as no of tumours compared to 2006 has increased. i thought maybe residue tumours but the Dr reckons new tumours. What do i do now?


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    Wow Ishika i am a cancer survivor and also a mom. i don't now what to say except you will do what you have to and your child will beat this, you are in my thoughts
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    Hi, I am a survivor of Hodgkins. When mine came back, they did a stem cell transplant at the University of Minnesota. Explore all of your options. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your daughter.
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    there are many new chemos,,out there now especially with mabthera"new"you may know it as, rituximab,good results when added to any chemo treatments,and also stem cells replacements,i have it on first hand knowledge that it has helped many people,who have now been in remission due to having the stem cell transplant,,for over 10,,15 years, there are many choices out there hun,,i feel for your daughter, she will be in my prayers,think positive, as your own mind is a wonderous thing,and can heal a lot of things all on its own,but the cancer she has may have gone into her bone marrow,dont dispare,,as there is a stem cells transplant register,and i am positive someone will donate there cells to help her,but get on to it straight away,,dont let it spread to much good luck to you hun, try and stay strong for your daughter, it wont be easy, but the hardest thing you have ever done,but she will need to see you in a positive light, the more relaxed she is,the more any treatment will work,so stay calm and love her to the max, ,love deb,,from australia,
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    You pray. I am currently going through a relapse and I've been doing more and more reading go to this website and see if it my help your baby girl. I will pray for you if you don't mind
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    I am a 2-time survivor of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I was first Dx. in 1999 at the age of 29. I had a recurrence in Dec. '06 and had more chemo followed by a stem cell transplant in May. I am in remission once again. I'm not sure if stem cell transplants are recommended for young children, but you should discuss all options with your doctor. Always remember that your daughter has youth on her side and more fight in her than you could possibly imagine. She will make it through. Your job is to research all available options ans get her the best treatment possible. These networks are a good start. Good luck and God Bless.