results of 1st post-chemo ct scan

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(As we say down here in Texas, Yeeeeeeee-haw!!!!!)

On a more dignified note, I have received the results of my CT scan from my physician, and I have been pronounced free from any trace of cancer. I am quite happy.

(Yeah, right! I'm goldarned elated!!!)

God is good.


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    Great news Kathleen~
  • StacyGleaso
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    EXCELLENT! You should try to make it to Nashville for the palooza for a REAL celebration!

    Best wishes for many more years of smooth sailing!

  • sladich
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    Congratulations Kathleen. I know the feeling you are feeling. Kick up your heels and dance.

  • jerseysue
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  • alta29
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    YEEEEEEHHHaaaawwwwwwww from texas too...
  • valeriec
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    Wonderful news! God is good.
  • jsabol
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    GREAT news, Kathleen!!! Take a deep breath and enjoy! Judy
  • robinvan
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    Wow... we could hear that YeeeeHaaaw all they way up here in Vancouver!!
    Whoop it up Kathleen! That's great news!
  • Limey
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    I though we had a draft up her ein Minnesota. Nawww it was Kathleen sucking in all the air to Texas so she could yell her big YeHaw..

    Congrats. Many Many Many Many Many Many More to come.
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    Hi Kathleen,
    I'm so happy for you! Have a great celebration!
  • hopefulone
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    Terrific! I'm so happy for you. I think I heard that Yeeeee-haw in NY . I hope to hear a lot more of them! God Bless