update on to wig or not to wig

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Hi, this is seof. Thanks for the advice. Just thought you all might like a chuckle. After chemo treatment #8 today my hair still continues to shed by the fingerfull. It is also fading in color from dirty-blonde to nearly light grey. I had thought I would use the Pillsbury doughboy image to describe myself (I match the physique pretty well). My kids say I shoul go for the peach on Veggie Tales. I suggested Yoda, of Star Wars, but they say I am getting too forgetful to be a Jedi...gee, thanks, girls! I guess it will have to be the peach, then.

The things we think about when we find ouselves wide awake at 1:00 in the morning.....seof


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    Hey Soef,

    Looks like one very important part of you is fully intact... a great sense of humor... it will make this time go by...

    Take Care... God Bless....


    P.S.... My hair that was a dirty blonde grew back in dark brown... but has been lightening back up over the last year... but hey it was great to just have it back... bet you will never again complain about a bad hair day...

    P. P. S..... A funny for you..... One day when I had no hair but was using a wig... My Mom was on the phone... and I was going out to a special event that evening... so Mom not thinking said..."Now make sure you leave yourself enough time to fix you hair real nice"..... Of course I laughed and said you know I think 1 minute will be enough..... of course about that time Mom was going... oh no I didn't.... but hey you gotta laugh...
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    You go seof! Hilarious!