Surgery tommorrow

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Hi all,
My husband's surgery is tomorrow at 4:15, we are both antsy. The doc said he would do it laposcopic and hopes for the best that he can find it without opening him up. He is looking for a spot in the mesentary that lit up on the PET scan.Please keep us in your prayers that all goes well. Still worried about the lung nodules even tho they did not light up, just wondering and thinking, which can be dangerous. Oh well thanks



  • robinvan
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    Hi Sandy,
    I'll be thinking of you and your husband tomorrow. I hope all goes well.
    Peace and blessings... Rob
  • valeriec
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    Hi Sandy,
    I will being saying prayers for you and your husband tomorrow. I hope that all goes well.
    God bless-
  • usakat
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    Hi Sandy,

    Best wishes to your hubby for the very best surgical result and a speedy recovery. You are wonderful for being so supportive...I know that kind of support helps.

    My best thoughts and and prayers are yours.

  • jams67
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    Prayers being said for you and your husband. Let us know how he does.
    Jo Ann
  • Sam725
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    Thanks everyone, it helps knowing that there are people out there thinking and praying for us as we begin another journey.

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    God bless
  • Faith4Cure
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    You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers. You are right-----too much thinking is dangerous! I pray that the surgery goes well and you will be able to rest your mind.I know this is so very stressful. Your husband is lucky to have you! Let us know how the surgery goes.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you both.
  • goldfinch
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    Keeping you both in my prayers.
  • kerry
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    Our prayers are being sent. Let us know how surgery goes.