"Cancer Treatment Centers of America?

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Has anyone had any experience with Cancer Treatment Centers of America? They seem to offer "alternative" treatments. Just wondering if this would be a better option for my father, who was just diagnosed with rectal cancer in June. A friend told him about "radiation seeding" and they offer it there. Does anyone know anything about "radiation seeding? Thanks for your help.


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    Hi Lori, I did not do Radiation nor do i know of radiation seeding but Can Cen of America is one place I interviewed a while back. They come highly reccomended. from what I learned, they do pretty traditional treatments but support alternative approach also. For example, they are willilng to incorporate herbal drugs and alternatives such as accupuncture, massage, etc... along with traditional treatments. I would call them, they were more than helpful for me. I spoke to the zion IL location.
    The only reason i did ot choose them was I was doing weekly chemo and Location was difficult. Best of Luck

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    I believe the radiation seeding you are talking about is brachytherapy and is done at a lot of places.
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    My Father-in-law had radiation seeds for prostate cancer. I don't recall hearing anyone on here do it for colon cancer, but worth looking into!

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    Hi Lori-

    We don't have experience with Cancer Treatment Centers of America, but the book "There's No Place Like Hope" was written by a Stage IV breast cancer survivor that got help there after she'd been turned away from everyplace else.

    As far as the radiation seeding, my husband is having a similar procedure on his liver called radiation microspheres. It's basically very targeted radiation that surgically implants radiation that's stored in these tiny little spheres. We got into doing it because my husband can't have external radiation. Do your research and ask how many they've performed. Then you can decide. But I believe that they started using the radiation seeding in prostate cancer, then went to the liver so hopefully it's a pretty "old" procedure.