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Anybody use it or know anything about it? I have a friend (of a friend) who just started selling it after using it herself for 2 years. She is also a RN BSN and is sold on the nutritional value. Friend just started taking it and noticed an increase in energy already.


  • janbopuck
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    I have a friend that SWEARS by it. She sent me lots of info on it and also referred to web site: juiceplus.com. Her husband is diabetic and they have both been taking for 3 years.
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    My sister has been taking it and feels it's giving her some energy. I don't think it can hurt.

    I, personnally, juice my own veggies (or I used to until I started chemo and have to put it on the back burner now until after chemo).

    Do a little research but it's worth a try. Also..I have been taking Ginseng. Understand they are doing reserch with Ginseng and Cancer related fatigue. I asked the doctor and he said try it. It's either in my head or it works cause I'm still taking it.

    Of course, ask your doctor about both of these

    good luck