Had first post-chemo CT scan

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I had my first CT scan yesterday after finishing chemo earlier this month. They are making me wait a whole week for the results!

I am ticked off, because I finished chemo, by golly, and why do I still have the lingering side effects!? I know, I know. It takes time. It's funny how your brain knows something but just doesn't accept it.

I'm waiting for the rest of my hair to grow back so it won't look so thin, for my fingers to stop tingling, for my mouth to feel normal, for food to taste good again, for energy! But first, I'll just settle for a good result from the scan.

Anybody care to join me in prayers?


  • jams67
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    The waiting is really difficult. I'll be glad to add my pray for you to have a great scan and be NED when the report comes back.
    It took me about as long to get over the affects of the chemo as it did to have it, but suddenly I realized that food tasted so good I was eating too much, and I wasn't wanting to nap anymore. Hang in there!
    Jo Ann
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    I had my first post treatment ct scan last month. The wait for the results was a killer.

    I remember being impatient for the side effects to stop. I was like you my treatment was over and I wanted them to be over too. It's funny that I really don't remember when they got better. Just one day I noticed they didn't bother me anymore.

    My scan was clear and I pray that yours will be also. NED can use another partner!
  • robinvan
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    Hi Kathleen,
    I typically have to wait 10 days for CT scan results, sometime 2-weeks. It feels like limbo!! Do fun things to take your mind off it.
    Lingering side-effects... they will subside. Bit-by-bit.
    We watch and wait with you... in prayer.
  • crazylady
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    Hi Kathleen,
    Sending positive energy your way for a clear CT scan!
    The waiting is the worst. You would think that doctors would understand that and try to get the results as fast as possible.
    Take care,
  • usakat
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    Hi Kathleen,

    Congratulations on finishing chemo! Just like Davidson said, one day you'll wake up and realize that you have feeling back in your finger tips, you feel hungry again, the buzzing in your feet will stop...it's almost like a flower growing out of rich soil. One fine morning look you will look in the mirror and see a new and improved, vibrant and colorful self looking back. But know that for today, your survival and strength in the fight is what makes you beautiful right now.

    And yeah, waiting for any result is truly the hardest part...

    "The waiting in the hardest part
    Everyday you see one more card
    You take on faith, you take it to the heart
    The waiting is the hardest part." Tom Petty


  • tkd3g
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    Hi Kathleen

    Sorry you have to wait. It truly does suck to make us wait for such results. Hang in there.

    As for the side effects, I thought mine would never go away. And I don't remember exactly when they did, but I am pretty much back to "normal" now.

    You are in my prayers. Everything will be fine. Faith. Believe. Think positive.

  • kbienapfl
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    Kathleen, may the blessing of patience provide you with inner peace while waiting for your results. Easier said than done, I know. I have personally walked my scans to doctors offices and still had to wait!

    Regarding your side effects, here is a post from my CaringBridge journal from my first go round.

    "TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2006 09:46 AM, CDT
    I woke up at 4:00 a.m. with a very strange sensation. I checked my forehead to see if I had a fever. I checked my pulse to see if I was still alive. I reached over and touched my husband.

    As I lie in my bed and take in this feeling, I realize what I am experiencing.....I feel normal.

    Allaluja! I am alive!

    Although I feel as delicate as a bone china tea cup, I now know I have survived."

    My prayers that you have great scan results and time passes quickly in the interim.

  • DK2006
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    Hi Kathleen,
    Congratulations on being done with chemo! The waiting for results is so tough! I felt that the side effects of chemo peaked at 6 weeks- 8 weeks post chemo, but I started to feel normal by 4 months. Sending good vibes for your CT scan.
    Best wishes,
  • scouty
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    yes the waiting is agonizing for sure. I recommend a good quality b complex multivitamin to help your hair and all the other fast growing cells (mouth, skin, intestines, etc) to come back quicker and healthier. After taking one for 6 months, my hair was back to normal AND I had less grey hair then before I got sick. It will also help with your energy level.

    Lisa P.
  • lfondots63
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    Hi Kathleen,

    I haven't been on the board for a while and just got to page 1 and wanted to post to your msg. I'm a stage 3 survivor. Dx 12/19/05 and had operation the next day on my birthday. Waiting for tests is the worst and I think being just done chemo makes it worse. You want to know if all the discomfort was worth it. I'm sure it was. Here is to NED!

    And yes all the problems you are having will lessen in time. I'm still waiting since this month it is 1 year since my chemo. Watch the food tasting good again. One of the ONLY good reactions to chemo was that I didn't want to eat and I LOST 30 lbs. Unfortunately once I could taste food again I couldn't get enough and gained it all back again. Sigh. Now trying to loose the wieght the CORRECT way. Sending good vibes your way.

    Lisa F.
  • hopefulone
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    Kathleen, many prayers coming your way. We all know what an anxious time waiting for results can bring. Keep the faith. God Bless , Diane