Liver mets test results

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Dr. called today-spots on my liver are too small to biopsy w/o doing major surgery. (less than 1mm) So he has decided to wait 3 months do another scan-if nothing changes we'll scan again in another 3 months-if it does change he will do the biopsy no matter what. I feel this is a good sign at this point-he is very cautious so if he is comfortable waiting so am I. Thanks for your help & prayers the other day to all of you!!!!!


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    HOORAY for you! I am so glad that the spots are so small~ wonderful news! Keep us posted in here; we seem to become Instant Family. We rejoice and commiserate as the need may be!
    Again~~~~Happy Dance~~~~ for you!
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    Hummm, reminds me, I need to ask about a PET scan at 2 year post cancer mark...last one was January 2005....before the breast cancer was even treated...

    Continued good vibes to you!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Glad to hear it is as good as it is! seof