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I just found out yesterday that I have Breast Cancer. Even though it is treatable, I am very scared. Any advice?


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    Of course it is treatable~and of course you are scared! Please take time to breathe...things will fall into place when you know more about your treatment plan.
    That having been said, if you haven't already, be sure to take someone you love and trust with you to your doctors' appointments! We get overwhelmed easily and having someone else with you to take notes, and field questions will be invaluable. Take a list of questions with you, and a pencil and paper; trust me, you otherwise will not remember what the Dr. said to you !

    When you came to this discussion board, perhaps you noticed just how many postings there are. We are a HUGE group of survivors! We have had lumpectomies, mastectomies, lymph-node involvement or not, chemo, radiation~you name it, we have it covered! We know the fear, but we also know the hope, and the LIFE AFTER CANCER!
    Surround yourself with as many supportive people as you can. Include this site in that support group. Not just the discussion board, but the Chat-Room here is wonderful as well.
    I am sure you will get a wealth of information and support from having posted here. You are in good company!
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    Somewhere in the high-90's survival. That's better odds than the horse races...lol!

    Keep a sense of humor. Breast cancer was my second cancer in 12 months (other was stage III rectal)....when they told me, I said "Darn! Gonna lose my hair this time, huh?"

    Water, water, water. That's my big advice. AND, start a medical records folder for you right now....ask for copies of everything...labs, pathology...you may never need them, but, well, it's nice to have.....

    Don't let the beast (my name for cancer) frighten you. It is what it wants. I laughed at it daily (well, most of the time...heehee) and like to think that it left in disgust....I am NED (No evidence of disease) on both cancers for over 1.5 years!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I was diagnosed in May 2007. After seeing my Sister go through a 6 year battle with cancer before she passed away, it was a scary thing to hear for me too. Being scared is normal! Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the determination to take action anyway. For me the best way to combat the fear is to educate myself as much as I can. Read, talk to your Doctors about anything and everything, and keep on asking questions till you are satisfied that you understand their answers. I have established pretty good communication with my Doctor now, but at first I felt like he probably thought I was thick-headed because I asked so many of the same questions over and over. If you feel like you can't get clear answers, be persistent, or consider changing Doctors. This website is a great place to get support and wisdom from those who have gone before. I ordered a book from the American Cancer Society called, "A Breast Cancer Journey" that I have found very helpful. Beyond that, I would say find people you trust and let them help you. I'll repeat what the others have said, take a notebook with you, and take a person with you who can help listen and help you remember what the Doctors say. Remember that the group called "cancer survivors" is a huge group, growing bigger every day. Doctors are learning new and better treatments all the time.

    Take time to think and breathe, seof
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    Just like the others said take someone with you my first appointment I went alone and i was so scared and after what I heard I cried all the way home. So take my word don't go alone.
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    I remember being scared for days after finding out I had breast cancer. At the time all I knew was that people died of it and I didn't know if I had a week, a month, or a year left. Boy, did I have a lot to learn! That was almost 5 years ago and I'm still doing great. I now know that for most of us, cancer is a chronic disease that you live with. It is almost always treatable and sometimes even curable. This is a great place to ask questions as you get your treatment plan together. I was MUCH calmer once I had a plan in place and a doctor's appointment to start fighting this stuff. I learned a lot from books like Susan Love's "The Breast Book" and "The Breast Cancer Book for Dummies." Folks with breast cancer took the time to come by and share their stories. Meeting long-term survivors (like 22+ years and still doing well) convinced me that I had a good chance of making it more than a week, a month, or even a year. For me it took surgery and tamoxifen followed by exemestane. Some of my friends have had chemo and radiation. It depends on your particular cancer. Keep a 3 ring binder of all your reports as you have tests. I took a tape recorder as well as my hubbie to our first meetings with the surgeon and the oncologist. It really helped.
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    Hello Mom.
    You are getting some advice from the best of the best here so I will not repeat what they have said. Just wanted to tell you this: I AM A 21 YEAR BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR. Count 'em.....TWENTY-ONE. Breast cancer is NOT a death sentence and you are going to be fine.
    You have come to a great place for help and support...we would love to see you in the chat room if you haven't tried it already.
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    Hey Mom,

    Welcome to our crew. Visit here often.... all of the people here can answer your questions.... We have all been there and have the T Shirt.... but hey we are all still here... you will find anyone here from the just diagnoised to in treatment... to survivors ... Some a couple of years like me... and others who have been on this trip successfully for over 20 years.... So you have every right to be scared.... we all were... but get a sister.. your Mom... or friend to go with you to the Doctor... and plot your path... and let us help you along the way...

    Take Care... God Bless...

    Susan : )
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    I was a newbie back in April of this year. I was scared and in shock for 2 weeks. I have since had a mastectomy and 4 rounds of A/C chemo. I have 4 rounds of Taxol and then radiation. Life goes on and this is TEMPORARY!!!! I'm 35 and have a young daughter and wonderful husband. You will survive!!!