Major Milestone

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At least to me it ranks right up there.

Back in early 2004 when I was dxed with my stage IV rectal cancer (mets to liver and lung and surgery was no option) I was given a pretty dismal prognosis. I bit my lip and went on folfox6 w/ Avastin and then did months of alternative/adjunct "stuff". You can read my web page here if you want to know more.

Anyway, while on chemo the summer of 2004, I remember lying in bed one night (those of you on chemo know how your mind can wander on those sleepless nights) and I distinctly remember wondering if I would live long enough to see a few things, 4 in particular. Some of y'all can relate; weddings, graduations, those kinds of things.

I had become a HUGE Harry Potter fan after 2 nephews got me hooked, so I wondered if I would live long enough to read books 6 (to be published summer 2005)and 7 (to be published summer 2007). I had read book 5 the summer of 2003, just months before I started getting sick. I took 2 vacation days so I could read it un interupted.

I finished book 7 at 3AM this morning after a late start and cried. I'm not sure if it was because there would be no more of the great books or if it was because I accomplished one of the 4 things I thought about that night back in 2004 (I'm not sharing what the others are for fear of jinxing them. I will as they happen.).

Mostly I just wanted to say:

1 down, 3 to go and JK Rowling, bring on another 7 book series and thanks for the wonderful ride.


Lisa P.


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    Hello Lisa,

    Excellent it!!! Makes me want to run to the book store for books unread.

    Here's a toast to your next three life goals (toasting with that good Denver brew of course-wink, wink).

    Can't wait to see y'all in TN!

    Hugs...and always, thanks for the inspiration!

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    Hi Lisa,
    That's great! I know what you mean about wondering if you'll live long enough to see certain things happen. I'm always so grateful when I get to one of those. It makes it that much more special!!
    I hope you see many more things that are important to you!
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    Well done Lisa!!
    I know how important those milestones can be. I've got a few I'm hoping for too. I haven't read Harry Potter yet. It's working its way through the family. Daugter #3 picked it up at midnight Friday and had it finished sometime on Saturday. It's on to my wife now, where it will probably take at least a week!
    Thanks for posting.
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    That is great news! I share the feelings, even though I was only stage III. Part of the reason I bought my new car was to validate that I WILL be here 5 years from now, after paying off the car loan!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hello Lisa - loved your post. My son is just finishing HP no 7 which he managed to pick up at a seaside town in Italy. I've never got hooked but had a glimpse at the ending (shame on me!) and gather that the odds have shortened for another book or maybe series.

    I'm sure your other dreams will come true too. I've just been on a course at the Bristol Cancer Centre (top place in the UK for an "integrated" approach to cancer treatment) when one of the things we learnt about was visualisation. I really do believe that if one visualises something hard enough it often happens.

    All the best, Catherine

    PS Just finishing chemo cycle no 8 - one more to go!
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    Congratulations on reaching one of your milestones...ever since my diagnosis I have been scouring the inernet for positive cancer stories and everywhere i turn I read more positive han negative. Your story is another that gives us cancer newbies hope.
    Here's to a good long fight.
    Ever ready to catch the "snitch"
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    Right on, Lisa!! How cool is that.

    Keep it up.
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    and I keep on buying shoes and underwares...( for those who don't remember I didn't even want to buy little ( well not that little) things like underwares....Now I have way to many !!
    God bless
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    Woo Hoo! I'm glad you finally arrived and you have finished it! You give so much hope to many.


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    Your journey sounds so familar. I think all of us feel that going forward is not a sure thing. I've finally accepted that I need to enjoy the present, and that includes anticipating all of those wonderful things I've planned for the future.
    I just saw the new HP movie at the IMAX and I wouldn't reccommend seeing it there. I really think it would be better on just a regular screen.
    Jo Ann
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    jams67 said:

    Your journey sounds so familar. I think all of us feel that going forward is not a sure thing. I've finally accepted that I need to enjoy the present, and that includes anticipating all of those wonderful things I've planned for the future.
    I just saw the new HP movie at the IMAX and I wouldn't reccommend seeing it there. I really think it would be better on just a regular screen.
    Jo Ann

    Hiya honey!! Congratulations Lisa! Those of us who entered CSN many years ago know all too well the feelings of despair that plagued us on firstbeing dx'd.
    I hope that many new friends here read your post. Hopefully Lori(Buddy 609) will read it too. She posted recently her concerns about her father. Stories like yours are needed here to strengthen the will and faith of those just entering this horrid battle. Live long and prosper honey!
    ps.....who's Harry Potter?!
    huggies,Ross n Jen
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    Hi Lisa,
    I haven't read the latest HP but I have read and enjoyed all the others. I have the same deal with Robert Jordan and his Wheel of time series ,it's up to book eleven so far and my great fear was that I would not live to see the last book. My great fear now is that he will not live to write the last book. I know what you mean about jinxing. One of the reasons I reckon I've survived so long is that I refuse to make a will, the moment I get my affairs in order I'll be history:) Ron.
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    Lisa -

    What a great milestone! Congratulations - you are one of my heroes!

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    Scouty -

    Congrats, darlin'... I'm sure Harry and all the rest of the Hogworts gang would be proud of you (no, I didn't read the books - I got suckered into the movie during a cross country flight)

    Love ya, Darlin'!
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    Hi ya Sweetie,

    A little late posting, sorry.

    You made me smile and tear up at the same time.

    Congratulations on achieving your goal.

    I haven't read any of the books, although my daughter is a die hard fan.

    Just yesterday I was driving down the road thinking that I would love to get a Harley and just take off for a while. In a good way, I was and still am, very happy right now.

    Congrats again. And I'm sure there will be more Harry to come.


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    Lisa you are my Wonder Woman. I am so happy for you that these milestones can be reached. Congratulations girl. I can't wait to meet you in Nashville, we will celebrate your wins. As always, I appreciate all the alternative therapy you have done, it really helped me
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    congrats for reaching a milestone.

    I have reached so many milestones since my diagnosis

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    You rock and you are so postiive. Can't wait to see you again at the Palooza!
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    Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I have no doubt you'll reach the rest and undoubtedly set and reach more! God Bless. Diane