PET scan

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My mom is having a PET scan today. Any words of wisdom? I've heard about potential false negatives and false positives... what are your experienes?


  • Greggriggs
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    They always worked for me I think they are a good test. Hope hers turns out well.
  • cabbott
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    Mine was a PET/CAT scan. The only thing that surprised me was that it took almost 2 hours from start to finish. Lots of that time was quiet rest time. The test was fairly pleasant. They even gave me a heated blanket during the scan itself. That can help the cancer cells show up by making them more active, but it felt good too. The "smoothie" I had to drink for the contrast solution wasn't the best I've ever tasted, but it wasn't so bad either. My scan turned out "questionable", so they followed up 3 months later with another CAT scan. The radiologist thought it may have grown so I was biopsied. I have had friends who went through this process and their questionable spots were NOT cancer. However, mine was. So if there is any doubt, biopsy! It is not cancer for sure till they see it under a microscope, but it is better to find out you have cancer than to have it and not know. Good luck!
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    I suppose it all depends on the ability of the person reading them, the equipment, the skill of hte technician and the age of the nuclear medicine...however my husband has had 3 in the past year with no false reports...stay positive and expect it to be diagnostic...there's always the option of having another read done by another facility or physician