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My husband has just started radiation and chemo. I am so frightened I dont know what to expect. I hope I can help him through the road ahead. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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    Hello E,

    Side effects vary so much it's hard to say what your husband may go through. Radiation may make him a little tired, Chemo, depending on just what he is getting, may make him nauseated, but the nurses add medication to take care of most of that, or they'll give you a prescription for anti-nausea drugs. I actually had no problem when I had Cisplatin and VP 16, nor when I had Taxotere. He may lose his hair, but who cares, right? Just knowing that you are there and supporting him will help!
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    hi.Everyone is differant and it also depends on the kind and type.I hope and pray the best for you both.Dont lose hope. I also recommend a web site called lung cancer support community. Mike
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    Get the number of your nurses so you can call them with your questions. Get a big calendar to mark when you do what (remembering is much easier to do on paper and it gives you something to cross off as you finish each step). Keep your cancer schedule and celebrate each day as much as you can with stuff you both enjoy. A friend of mine told me early in the game that cancer was always in the background, but she could shut it off while she was doing stuff with the family. It is important to do all that chemo and rad. stuff, but things like family gatherings, a walk by the garden, or a favorite hobby are the stuff of life. So don't forget to breathe and enjoy the little things. I have to go for lots of doctor appointments. My husband and I try to hit a terrific eating spot or at least get a special drink at the coffee shop each time we go. My dad had radiation last year for prostrate cancer. He had to get a golf cart to keep up with the golf, but he still had a good time. He did take more naps too, but now he is almost back to full throttle. Chemo can wear you out too and of course there may be side effects. They will not give you any treatment unless the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. You can talk with the folks in the chat room for more ideas. Good luck!