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Hello ladies,
I finally got an answer if thats what one would call it!!! The Onc's and Internist all agree that for right now they are going to watch those enlarged lymph nodes and nodules on my left lung. They explained it as, we're not sure if this is something new, or has it always been there before..I've never had my lungs included in my ct scans..so for now on I'll be having scans from the neck down, and will see my onc/gyn every 2 months. The biggest thing that they stressed to me is that my body took a good beating on the Gemzar..and at this time they really would like to see me get stronger as chemo would only make me sicker. I have to admitt,I feel alot better, still get winded easily, but I still have yet to go to the cardiogist. My last ca-125 was 16, so I'm in the remission range..so I feel comfortable with this..but it's still more wait,wait and more wait!!!I'm just praying that my disease remains stable and nothing grows!!! LOve to all..((((hugz)))..Joanne


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    Joanne, that is great news! A ca125 of 16 is good and as I shared earlier I have had nodules in my left lung and they always remain the same.

    Enjoy your time off chemo and the shortness of breath does better. It seems like it takes about 2 months off of it though. Prayers N Hugs Bonnie
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    Let's claim this as a blessing, Joanne. Your CA-125 number is good and I'm praying everything else will be revealed to be the result of the chemo you have withstood. (((HUGS))) Saundra
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    I say AMEN to that too! Enjoy the low number, try not to focus on the 'fear factor' which we all do from time to time. I'll keep praying that your remission continues, and that with each new day you regain your strength and peace!
    Luv ya!
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    Hi Joanne, Your numbers are good and you are feeling better, hooray! The gemzar is a beast on the blood counts and with you, even more side effects. My prayers are with you too, that this cancer stays away a good long time and you are able to relax into your life without so much trauma. I think it's pretty normal to feel the way you do, after all you have been through. I hope it just keeps getting better for you now. I am amazed at your courage. Hang in there.