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go to:

enter search: ns avastin

and sign this if you are able and pass it on....


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    I share your sadness.

    Time is ticking for so many people like your mom. You and all those who know that not funding this drug is wrong need to continue to make your views known to the present leaders of our government. Write, telephone, e-mail our elected representatives. Sign the on-line petition at (Just enter NS Avastin” in the search box and it will take you to the petition.) Encourage your friends to do the same.

    Make the Minister of Health and the Premier aware that if they fail to reverse this decision we will hold them unaccountable for these premature and unnecessary deaths.

    It is because of people like your mom that I got angry enough to press this publicly with government. My oncologist, Dr. Mark Doreen, prescribed Avastin for me as he told me that in my advanced cancerous condition it was a reasonable thing to do. He told me the government didn’t fund it but that one of his colleagues had checked out the private clinic where it would be administered and that it the Avastin treatment would proceed under his direction.

    I took a deep breath when I heard the cost but fortunately have been blessed with enough savings to be able to cover its cost. But it immediately made me think of others who could not afford this. Dr. Doreen told me he thought approximately 100 people a year would benefit from this medication. If they could afford it.

    I want to end this system where we allow one standard for the well off and a second and lower standard for everyone else. With respect to the cancer drug Avastin, those who have the financial means to obtain the drug will probably live longer while those who don’t will die sooner.

    It’s as immoral as that.

    And that is the tragic situation your mother is in

    Mr d’Entremont and Mr. MacDonald, if you are reading this, please consider how horribly unfair it is to this woman’s mother to have worked all her life as a productive citizen and then have to face a disease which unchallenged will take her life.

    You both know that Avastin can help sustain her life and in some cases can even help shrink the tumors to the point where a surgical solution is possible (that is what I am now being considered for.)

    You both have the power to right this wrong.

    Do you have the moral courage to stand up and do that?

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