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i woke up feeling better this morning and thought i would post before i got tired. my daughter has been keeping me informed about all of yo and you have been in our family thoughts and prayers.
i truned out to have a bacterial bladder infection and am taking meds for that and i think that is making me feel better. the home health care nurse picked up on that when she was here giving me fluids.
i am having several types of meds for the nausea but still get sick several times a week. also meds slow down bowels and that causes discomfort.
my daughter is here this week and my other daughter comes next week. it's like their taking turns being with me but i am enjoyin it.
my older daughter and her family want to move to arkansas and i have been having a lot of problems with them changing their lives for me (she can work from home but her husband would have to find a new job and macenzie would have to change day cares) but my daughter is sure that this is what they want to do so i will just have to leave it in the lord's hands and stop worring.
i thinkof you all each day and so does my family.


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    Welcome back - so good to hear from you! Your sweet daughter has been keeping us well-informed.

    So glad to hear you are feeling a little better, and bless the nurse for picking up on that infection. Those can be so uncomfortable, not to mention wear you down. As for the constipation, I was just speaking to someone else about that - it's a very difficult side affect to deal with. My doctor always had me take Senna-S which helps a great deal. But the key is to drink LOTS of water with it, and oftentimes that was easier said than done. But see if they can recommend that for you, or maybe a softener or other mild laxative. It is so important, as the toxins build up in our body due to constipation and that certainly doesn't aid recovering and healing, nor how it makes you feel.

    Well, we'll be waiting to hear from you again. I'm so thankful your daughters and helpful and see you often. And, I too believe the Lord will provide the answers regarding your daughter's move.

    God bless you all!
    Hugs and Prayers,
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    So good to hear from you and that you are feeling some better. We both have daughters visiting at the same time, how blessed we are. I am recovering, slow that it may be. I start chemo at the end of next week but not for sure what. Surgeon wants to do 12 months of a reduced dose of Taxol and my oncologist favors the six doses of Taxol and Carbo. Hope to see your postings often in the recovery days ahead. Strength to you. Saundra
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    Hi Kathie, So nice to see you here today!

    I hope you continue to feel better and stronger as the medication does it's job.

    I have had 2 urinary tract infections this year, probably because the chemo wiped out all the good bacteria. Meds worked wonders and I lean on the acidophilus to keep things active. (yogurt or liquid)

    Sounds like you are going to have the whole family to help you stay on top of things. I think you are very lucky to have daughters so loving.

    Hang in there Kathie...hope you feel better and better.

    Saundra too!

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    Kathy!!! So good to see you posting. Sorry you got the infection but I am sure the meds will get rid of that. I've had a couple of them myself while on chemo.

    How wonderful of your daughter to want to move back home. God bless her. You really have some wonderful support in both your girls.

    Hopefully this finds you already feeling better. Keep us updated as you are able.

    Hugs N Prayers Bonnie