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does anyone know about getting financial assistance so i can continue dr. appt.I lost my job due to cut backs and cannot afford all the testing they do. last seen doc 10/2006. I have squamous cell carsinova. went through 7weeks of radical rad.onrside of neck but now need to see doc. but cannot afford it any help would be apprecited. i have contacted acs they give me a few resources but they dont help financially thank you


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    I am not an expert on these matters, but would like to share a couple of points.

    First, when you lose your job, you are normally entitled to continue health insurance through an alternate plan (COBRA, I believe it is called in the USA, and I am assuming here that you are in the USA).

    Second, in the US, even the indigent, ONCE WITHIN THE SYSTEM cannot be turned away for health care, despite rumor and myth to the contrary. Getting 'into the system' means to go to a health care provider, whether a hospital or a storefront health clinic, and receiving a diagnosis. From that point on, as I have been made to understand from various health professionals, you are entitled to care, and can not be turned away by a hospital, for example.

    If ACS has not provided the resources you require, in your estimation, I would contact ACS again and let them know. It may be that you mistunderstood them or that they are not aware of the limitations of the resources they suggested. ACS, without doubt, has your interests at heart. Get in touch with ACS again. AND, visit your local hospital with what paperwork you have and ask to be seen.

    Be advised that some care WILL probably be off limits. You may consider some care to be necessary which they consider to be beyond the scope of normal care (you may, for example, believe you should see a doctor monthly for checkups, while they consider that excessive).

    Best wishes, with hopes that others with greater awareness of the subject matter join in here with better ideas.