My granddaughter sees my Dad

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I recently posted that my dad had passed away on July 14th. Well my granddaughter (2 1/2 yrs old) was with her father all weekend and did not know about my father. When she came home on Sunday she didn't ask where "Papa" was and we were all disappointed because she was so close to him and he was so sad that he was not going to see her grow up. We were eating dinner later that day and she said "Papa's coming back". We all just looked at each other. A little later she was looking out the front door and said "Oh, there's Papa, he's coming". I asked her if she saw him and she said yes. I asked where he was and she said "On the walk". I asked if he was still there and she said yes. I asked again a minute later and she said "No, he left but he'll be back. The next morning she went into the my Dad's bedroom and laid down on the bed and called to my mother "Mama, come lay down in the bed with me and Papa. Yesterday she was playing with my niece at the swing set and she said "There's papa". My niece asked where and she said "on the walk" and then she waved.

I completely believe that she is seeing him and I know that she is the one that he would be coming back to see. I've heard that children can see spirits because they are open to it and not afraid. I would love to hear if anyone else has had this kind of experience.

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    Hi Deneen: First, let me tell you how sorry I am for your loss. As for your granddaughter, what a wonderful gift she is receiving and in return giving to all of you. Thank you for sharing with us. I have heard many such stories over the last year. I understand that children are so innocent and open minded that they see many things we as adults cannot see. I absolutely believe that she is seeing her Papa. Monica
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    Deneen -

    I am sorry for the loss of your father.

    i do believe that kids can see things we don't understand. My best friend is 45 and her mother died when she was just 16. A couple of years ago she was cleaning out and sorting through old photographs. Her 6 year old son was with her. She came upon a photo of her mother (who died when she was 16 - many years ago). Her 6 year old son said "That's the lady that visits me". Susan (my friend) was stunned. What do you mean? "She's the lady who visits me at night, especially when I feel scared of the dark." WOW! According to my friend, she didn't think her son had ever seen a pic of her mother - yet somehow this 6 yr old kid had this convo with her. Spooky and awesome.

    Deneen - take care of yourself. There is much we don't understand about this world.
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    We all have the ability to " see " especially kids....the thing is that because our parents tell us that that is not true, we lose the ability to "see"...we block everything.... I know that for some people is hard to believe in this stuff but the other day I asked my dad ( passed away 6 months ago ) to give me a sign if he was taking care of me and if I was going to be ok. Not 30 seconds passed and I hear his favorite song on the radio ( La Bamba)....
    Let her enjoy those moments......what a gift !
    God bless
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    I had just posted something pessimistic and then read your note. I'm sorry about your loss but what an uplifting note for the rest of us. I too feel that children see things that we don't as they are open to all communication.
    Thank you.
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    My mother had been gone for 3 months when I inexplicably awoke one night and then heard my then 5-year-old call out in bed. She had a high fever and had just broken out with chicken pox. She kept pointing to the corner of her bedroom and saying, "there's grandma, mommy." I asked her which grandma she was seeing to make sure that she wasn't hallucinating from the fever and seeing my husband's mother, who was still alive. But she said MY mother, who had passed three months earlier. I said, "honey, there's noone there." But she insisted, saying several times, "she's right there" and pointing to the same spot.

    I believe my mom WAS there and she had woken me to take care of the little one.

    Also, when my Uncle died, his little grandson on the other side of the country said to his mom, "Pop is OK now." She asked, "how do you know?" And the tot answered, "because I just saw him and he told me."

    And, finally, when my friend died of breast cancer at the age of 36, her then 5-year-old, who was staying with her aunt said to the aunt, "mommy's not hurting anymore. She's gong to be with Jesus." The aunt then got the phone call that the little girl's mommy did, indeed, just pass away minutes earlier.

    Coincidence? I think not.
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    My father and my daughter and granddaughter were living with us when my granddaughter was 2 yr. old and my father was dying of kidney failure. They were very, very close.

    They had moved away when my father died. When my daughter went to tell her child that PaPa had died, the little one said, "Yes, Jesus took away his boo-boos." When asked who told her that she said, "The lady." When questioned further, she said, "The lady in my bedroom last night."

    As she went through the next couple of years, her grandfather visited her frequently with his "girlfriend" Helen, my mother who died before my own daughter was born. He brought his tiny mean dog named Bear. (Daddy had a very tempermental poodle named Hebert who died several years before my granddaughter was born.) He gave her an imaginary tiny mean dog who was her companion until she started elementary school.

    We never doubted a word she said. It was too real to her, and there was too much coincidental information.

    Children are wonderful. I hope your granddaughter enjoys her visits with her great-grandfather.
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    Deneen, My sincerest sympathies on your Dad's passing. There are so many things we don't understand and can't "explain". Your granddaughter's experience is one of them. I believe , just as you do , that your Dad made his presence known to your granddaughter. God Bless.