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Hi. My dad has lung cancer and has really bad congestion and coughing lately. Is there ANYTHING that might help this (prescription, natural remedies, food, etc)??? I Know this is caused by the cancer, but he can't sleep at night. He doesn't want to take ambien because he said he thinks he might choke to death. If anyone knows of anything that might be of help do tell. It's really taking a toll.


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    Right after I had part of my right lung removed, I had trouble breathing. The surgical nurse asked me if I had tried opening a window. I wanted to yell at her because the problem wasn't a lack of air in the room, but yelling and getting upset just made me cough more. But she wasn't being funny. The advice on the web also suggested opening a window or getting a fan. Somehow the blowing air helps you breath. Sometimes sleeping propped up helps too. But if an infection has set into his lungs (common with lung cancer), an antibiotic from the pulmonary specialist would work the best. I also breath better after drinking hot coffee WITH caffine. I can cough everything up easier and then my congestion stays away for a few hours. That doesn't help me sleep at all, but the decaf just doesn't make the phlegm go away for me. Some folks swear by hot tea. I used to drink it by the quart, but it hasn't stopped the coughing as well as coffee, so I switched. Foods with onions and garlic seem to reduce congestion for me too. Good luck finding out what works for your Dad!
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    Hi Sam
    Have they done any thing for you Dad??? Like sugery or Rads or Chemo ??? I had my left lung removed about a year or so ago. Before the sugery I would cough so hard an spit up blood I quit smokeing an that went away. I was so scared befor the sugery the doc gave me Ativan to help me sleep. Tell you dad ask his Doc about it I have been an still take one every night. I was proped up for quit awhile after the sugery I guess that would help but not sleeping wears you down an even you good Days are Bad.So Sorry hope something works Tell him to ask about the ativan they don't leave you hung over an you can wake up easy.
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    My husband has the same problem Bad congestion and constant cough Thank you all for the suggestions