My dad has stage 3b/4 nsclc lung cancer

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My dad was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He will be starting radiation and chemo on Monday. The chemo will be once a week. He will be taking Taxol and Carboplatin. The radiation will be 5x a week. Can anyone give me any advice on what to expect? Also, can someone give me some tips on things that my dad could do to help.. cetain foods, vitamins ect..?


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    I took Taxol and carboplatin but no Rads. I don't know how old your dad is ? But the chemo is no fun ,they have pills for the nausia. I couldn't stand the smell of anything cooking. So I had my wife get me some cheep TV dinners an I would sit an eat them really fast an leave the table. Every one is different,so I don't know how the chemo will affect him . I took it every three weeks four times so it soumds like they have him on a different scedual than the one I took. I Didn't know what to expect a a lady friend who took taxol an carboplatin told me there was not a wrinkle that did not hurt .And she kinda saved me because the doctors do not tell you the stright story.. And I would drather have it told to me straight. I had my left lung removed an i"m still here Its a fight but prayers to you an your Dad.
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    I had the Taxol and Carboplatin chemo. No real pain just extreemly tired. Sleept probably 20 hours a day during treatment of 4 sessions three weeks apart. Radiation was not a problem. Some time during the last week (of 5) it got a little hard to swallow, but they had some stuff to help with that. My chemo and radiation were after the lung was removed and lasted from August o4 to early January 05.
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    Good Lunch to your Dad. I am 46 years old female with stage 3a Non Small Cell Lung Cancer diagnosed in Januray 07. I was very under weight so weight was my biggest hurdle. I did chemo weekly of Taxorter and Cisplatin. and daily radiation. The radiation was hard on me as it burned my eophagus making eating hareder than it alreay was. But overall I had great results despite major weight loss and getting into a head on car wreck in the middle of all this. May 8th I had my upper left lobe of my lung removed and all went well. I ate lots of watermelom as it has no real smell and felt good on my esophagus. Keep positive thoughts that helped me the most. I am now in round and hopefully final round of follow up chemo and this one should not be so bad as it is only 4 does every 3 weeks apart so hopefully not to much nausea as that is getting really old. Good Luck
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    My sister finished 20 sessions of whole brain radiation with weekly taxotere/carboplatin at a lower dose (due to the radiation)... she tolerated it very well. Obviously her hair came out, some burning/itching/redness on her head.. not much nausea. The chemo was 3 weeks on and 1 week off. After her radiation was finished she started the full dose of chemo (taxotere/carboplatin) every 3 weeks... that's where she is now and she has had a few days of nausea and just pretty tired. Hopefully in early September she will be able to start Avastin (as long as no active brain mets)