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Hi everyone,
Just wanted to update you all on our journey. Husband had PET scan 2 weeks ago and a spot showed up in his mesentary so the onc wants it out. While we were with the surgeon the onc and surgeon talked and the surgeon said he would not do surgery until my husband had a colonoscopy to make sure there is nothing else going on in the colon, he said let's make sure cuz if there is something else in there I want to take it out while I am in there for the other thing. I thought that was pretty good idea. Well as soon as he mentioned the colonoscopy my husband cringed (he hates the prep!) but I spoke up and said I've heard there is a pill prep instead of that gross stuff he has had to do 2 times ( thanks to all of you who mentioned that that's the way you did it) he said oh you haven't done the pill prep before! I said no but that's what he's doing this time! So we got a rx for osmoprep. He has to take 4 tablets every 15 min with 8 oz of clear fluid for a total of 5 doses, then 4 hours later he has to do the same thing 3 times. So he starts that tomorrow. I 'll let you know the results of the colonoscopy. Since nothing showed up on the CT or PET scans we are hoping that there is nothing going on. Thanks for being here, it sure helps.



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    hoping all comes out smoothly and that the oscopy shows no signs of that beast.
    Best of luck - think positive.
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    I'd be interested in which your husband prefers, the pill or other prep, when he finishes it. Keep us posted.
    Jo Ann
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    The only problem I had with the pill prep was that I threw up...well, the instructions said to call Dr. office and they said that it was OK that my stomach was too full of the liquid and I could slow it down. Just FYI
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    MY GI Doc does not like the pill prep because it is exactly like the phososoda prep which has been linked to liver problems. It is rare but it does happen. Also it can mess with your electrolytes.

    I use the Trilyte prep which is the gallon of liquid you have to drink every 10 mins, but my GI Doc feels this prep is the safest for the body and patient.

    Good Luck and let us know the outcome.