results of ct scan of lungs

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Hello liadies and I have some news that has shaken me to my bones. I have gotten a bad report. There is 4 nodes all on the left lung, they are very smll in size. I also have 2 enlarged lymph nodes in the chest wall as well, they are small but still not good they are 17 mm, and 12mm. I have now been refered to a medical oncolgist to rule out metastisis of the ovca. They are suspicious according to the Dr.. Has anyone out there had these nodules and lymph nodes enlarge like this??? I'm really scared right now,part of me is ready to fight, and another part of me just wants to cry..good thing my Dr. gave me a RX for Xanax..I have been having alot of crying spells... Ladies I've got to go..I'm asking for your prayers right now...and I know we have some powerful prayer warriors on this site!!!! Love and ((((hugz)))...Joanne


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    Dearest Joanne, First thing (((((((JOANNE))))))))
    there that is a huge hug and you better believe lots of prayers go with it. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I have had lymph node that were enlarged and not be cancer so that is a possibility and I do have lymphnodes that are cancerous. I am glad your Dr referred you to the oncologist and also gave you something for the anxiety this is causing.

    How did they find such mm growth? Did you have a PET/CT scan? I have a couple spots in my lung that only show up in the pet scans and they have never changed so I assume they are not cancer.

    Let yourself have a good cry and then you will be ready for the fight if needed. I always think a good cry is helpful.

    Sending lots of prayer and hugs your way. Bonnie

    Will be watching for your update.
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    Dear, Dear Joanne:
    I know how you are feeling right now. So often when things were 'found' for me, I would come here in hopes to have someone say, 'it's nothing' 'everything's going to be okay'. No-one can truly say that for sure, but I believe that Bonnie has given you a good deal of hope. And, although I have not personally had this situation, I would like to offer some hope to you as well. I, along with family members, have had tests that showed 'something suspicious' but turned out to be nothing. While I know we can't rule out what we'd rather not hear, I always say 'don't worry about something that hasn't happened yet'. That may sound empty, but if you spend your energy right now thinking too far ahead, you won't get the emotional and physical rest that you so desperately need right now. I'm glad the doctor is assisting with the Xanax.

    Let us know when you've had your appointment with the oncologist. In the meantime, Bonnie, myself and so many others will pick up our breastplates and swords and go to battle for you, believing that the war has been already won! Just picture all of us (silly as we would look!) in our armour running across the fields with hope, courage and strength!
    Hugs, love, prayers,
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    Dear Joanne, I too will lift you up in prayer and specifically ask that this report is nothing. I am on Paxil and told my oncologist yesterday that I intended to keep taking it because I can sleep and feel better generally. Bonnie and Monica have all the hands on experience and I am so new that I can only off my support to you as you walk this particular road. God is good and he will see you through this hurdle too. Love and ((((hugz)))) Saundra
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    Hello Joanne, I'm so sorry you are going through all of this, and feeling so frightened. I suppose we have all been at this point at least a couple of's just awful!!!! But, isn't your CA-125 number still very low? I think that should give you some real hope. I know that lymph nodes enlarge even with a cold, so after all of what you have been through recently, I'm sure there are many other reasons other than the ovca that could be causing all of this. I'm hoping that with a good night rest, you will wake up tomorrow with a renewed positive outlook. This roller coaster ride is a nightmare, isn't it? Take good care, dear friend, we are all here for you. MM
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    Joanne, I will pray for you that eveything is o.k. and that God give you the strength you need.
    Big hug. LIZ
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    Hi Joanne, Of course you are scared, who wouldn't be, after all you have been through! And that's important too, because you know what you have faced in the past and found the strength to persevere. It's truly amazing what can be done to keep us alive...and how strong the will to live can be. You will get through the shock and on to the next part, moment by moment sometimes.
    Sending you some power prayers, an extra hug today and all good thoughts toward your next testing results. Can you have a pet scan? Hang in there, girl!
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    Joanne...You best believe that I will send my best prayers your way. Don't think the worst. Sometimes things that look suspicious are the opposite. My Mom had soome nodules in one of her lungs that the doctors made a big fuss over. They scanned her and scanned her.It turned out they were nothing to worry about, they never got larger or changed in any way. The doctors finally concluded that it was scarring from pneumonia that she had well over 60 years ago. She also had a few enlarged lymph nodes. Things are not always as they seem. Check things out and remain as calm as you can.Be thankful that you have doctors that check everything thoroughly. I will send a hug your way too. Cindy
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    Thanks for all the positive thoughts ladies..I will admit it still scares the h**l out of me, but at the same time it could be nothing or scaring, I have been told I have scarring form a previous pneumonia, so maybe????that might be what their seeing. I'm still waitng for my appointment to see the new Dr. Hopefully I hear from them today..thanks for the prayers, love and encouragement!!!! ((((hugz)))))..Joanne
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    Hey! Joanne, I haven't had much time on line lately. My sister is in the Hospital and not doing too well. I just lost my best friend and I don't think that I could stand loosing her, too. My lungs have been my problem for a while so I just had to post. My Cat Scans have been showing all sorts of stuff in my lungs. I also have some nodes that they have been watching in my lungs and in the hilar area (upper chest). I was coughing all the time but with medication the coughing had almost stopped. My Dr keeps doing Cat Scans every 3 months and looks for changes. So far so good, but I have another one scheduled on the 30th. I have been told that I have chemo induced COPD, bronchiectasis, and some enlarged nodes. I wish you the very best and pray that the nodes will disappear. Paula