Difficulty Urinating after LRP

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I had LRP 16 days ago at age 46 (Gleason 7). At day 5 I had my catheter removed (erections worked yeah). The stream was weak and just got weaker (and painfull). Two days later I had to have the catheter reinstalled via a scope and wire - very painfull. I still have the catheter installed, due to have it removed next week (12 days installed the second time). Any one else have a similar experience and want to share the outcome?

Another issue is that I had the surgery in Cleveland and I live in SF bay area. I tried several local doctors to help with case but they all say I need to go back to see my surgon. If I do end up with it closing again, I want a good local doctor to help. I picked the doctor because he was the only one confident about saving my nerves and getting the cancer. Plus his team has done 1000s LRPs. Any suggestions?


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    Sorry to hear about your problem. I had an LRP but they keep my cat. in for 10 days. Did not have any issues. Is it possible they did not leave it in long enought and scar tissue caused your problem. Hopefully, the 2nd. cat. will work for you. Keep us posted.
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    After my surgery the catheter stayed in for 10 or 12 days. I flowed like a river for about two weeks before I regained satisfactory urinary conrol. After a couple of months I began having to really exert a lot of force to urinate. My local urologist said to get used to it. A week or so later the symptoms were getting worse so I called my surgeons office and made an appointment.
    It was scar tissue causing the problem. The next morning the Dr. performed the "ROTO-ROUTER" proceedure to remove the scar tissue.
    That was a year ago and the tubing works fine now. The surgeon said this problem was not uncommon.

    Good Luck, Keep us informed
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    don, I hope that your july message has resolved itself, but it shocked me that you had to go to Cleveland, (although I'm familiar with the clinic), UCSF has just done my RLRP, and Dr. Carroll was pretty impressive. Of course, the proof is yet to unfold, but I feel good about things 7 days post. I was scheduled to have the catheter removed locally tomorrow, but the surgeon indicated this would be too soon, and he wants a local guy from the hospital to take systagrams? before they remove it.