Having RP on Tue the 17th

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Just a note: I selected RP due to my financial condition and wifes health there is a real need to stay local. My Gleason is 6 and the Dr. said there was a 50-50 chance that I may be incurable and he would close after lymph node removal. Not a good thought to go into the operating room with. Well I guess all I ask for now is prayer that I wake up with the thing gone. Will post after the operation... think I'm going to need you guy's.. Ken41


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    You know it goes without saying that you both are certainly in our prayers.

    If the Dr has not already instructed you, begin performing kegel exercises immediately! This is a critical exercise since, once the prostate is removed, new muscles will have to begin performing the functions previously handled by the prostate. The function I am referring to is the restriction of the urine flow. The kegel will train these other muscles to do that.

    Just in case the Dr did not explain, the kegel is the tightening of your abdominal muscles as if you were stopping the flow of urine. You should perform this exercise as frequently as you can!!! This is very important.

    I also had an RP so I can give you some indication of the recovery. My surgery took place 6 1/2 yrs ago and I am still cancer free.
    I don't know your age, but I was 58 at the time of my operation. My recovery from surgery was virtually pain free following the first couple of days. I spent two nights in the hospital and then rode 5 hrs home without having to take a pain pill.

    I hope you are as fortunate as I was. Above all, KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!

    E-Mail me with any questions you might have.

    Good luck,

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    Good luck brother. I'll pray for you. Just had my RP a few weeks ago. Remeber, it get's better each and every day! Don't be discourage, a positive attitude means everything.
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    Ken, Best of luck tomorrow, my prayers are with you.I had rp on july 5th, and the waiting was the worst part. Out of hospital in 2 days, a little sore but not bad. The waiting for results from the lab was tough but the news was good. I also had a gleason 6. I hope to be back working next week.
    I hope all goes well for you and never give up.