My Mom's CA 125

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Thank God!!!! Ca 125 is 11.7 out of 21...lets see what Dr. says Friday. My Husband had his job interview for the NY position same day. Can anyone tell me if Memorial Sloan Kettering is good for treating ovarian cancer??? Does anyone know if there is any onther cancer institute in New York in case we can`t pay for this one?? In Mexico we buy the drugs and needles and everything we use from the pharmacy and take it to the Drs office for administration of chemo... how does it normally work in the US??? Any info is of great help for me.. Thanks in advance..LIZ


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    LIzper, first let me say I'm happy the chemo is working for your Mom, and that it's so low!! As far as I know Sloan Kettering is an excellent treatment facility. Here in the states we just go to the Dr., all supplies etc. are provided by the Dr. or facility. I'm not sure if your Mom can apply for Medicaid or Medicare. You would have to make some calls to Medicaid/medicare in New York and see if she is eligible for coverage. I would call Medicaid/medicare and start with the inquires now, so you know all the facts before you move. Good luck..Joanne
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    That's wonderful news, Liz! Your mom is a strong woman - tell her we'll holding her up in prayer to continue this improvement!
    P.S. - Prayer for you, too!!