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Almost 9 year stage 3 rectal cancer survivor, diagnosed at age 36. Endured a full year of preoperative treatment, surgery and follow-up chemotherapy. IT SUCKED!! I somehow kept my sanity and even a little of my sense of humor, regained my balance in life and moved back to my home town, a long time dream of mine. On the fourht of July I ran a 10-K in just over 42 minutes, the fastest I have run a 10-k (6.25 miles) in 11 years and even faster than I was in the years before diagnosis. My daughter ran the race as well and I run almost every evening with my son who is turning 12 soon. By fighting cancer with everything I had, I got to be a father, husband, brother, and friend for the past 9 years. They have been real life...not perfect, but a gift nonetheless. Every time I do anything I mark it off on my imaginary list of post-cancer accomplishments. Have ice cream overlooking the lake with the kids...check, see Niagara Falls again...check, Live life to the fullest every day (while keeping a job)...check. Keep fighting you new survivors and you olds ones. It is not an easy road and we did not choose it ourselves, but we're stuck with it! Live strong!


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    Nice running and well said.
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    Agree 100%.
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    Thanks. You are an inspiration.
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    Congratulations! How nice of you for sharing that.. you are an inspiration.

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    Thanks for the pep talk. We needed it!

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    ....naked happy dancing....check!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    KathiM said:

    ....naked happy dancing....check!

    Hugs, Kathi

    OK, Ruuner's attitude and NED need to be celebrated and in your spirit of freedom from cancer dancing naked is liberating. No one's home today so dancing naked with the music turned up and praising God for NEDness seems like such a great idea. Let the Spirit move me!
    Jo Ann
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    Words well said, Runner! Life is a gift!


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    Great to hear from you!!
    Keep up the great work.
    Happy anniversary my friend!!
    Be well
    Never,ever give up!!