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Well I am getting everything ready to do the DaVinchi robotic 7-16-07. After reading about a lot of others experiences, checking with an old family doctor who is not involved in this, and just my gut reaction that was my choice. I am 59 years old , had a 7.2 PSA and 3-3 6 Gleason with the lab report estimate of 98% chance it is still contained. So far all of the pre-operation testing has not revealed any surprises. Hopefully my follow up responses will be how good everything is going but.

Lyn Wagner


  • kalar7856
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    Hi Lyn,

    You are making smart choices! Your numbers are great and there is every reason to believe things will turn out fine.

    The surgery isn't that bad. Honest! I had the old RP and was up and about amazingly quick.

    My numbers were the same as yours and I am living a normal life.

    You would take 98 percent odds and run to Vegas with the house payment, if you could, wouldn't you? You will be fine!

    Let me know how you fair. I enjoy good news..

    Best Wishes
    Ron C
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    I agree with Ron. It sounds like you have done your research well and feel good with your decision. I, like Ron, had a RP 6 1/2 yrs ago and have been cancer free since. You will be surprised at how little pain is involved with the surgery.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Hi Lyn
    I was 57 when diagnosed. Readings quite similar to yours. I never had surgery, but had that option, however I chose conformal radiation. Two and a half years since my treatments and everything is fine so far. Each one must make the decision that he will be comfortable with and best suits his situation. You seem to have done your research well and are comfortable with your decision. I belong to a PCa support group and many of the guys chose surgery and are doing fine. One was even back in the gym working out again six weeks after surgery. I wish you all the best.

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    Well here is my follow up. Had the surgery Monday and could have gone home Tuesday except that was a 4 hour drive so doc had me wait until Wed morning. The trip went fine and am feeling fine with very little discomfort with an occasional darvocet.