I found a clinical trial

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Hi all,
I found a Clinical Trial at the Univ of PA that I think is the next logical step for me to take.
Its a Phase I Trial of a new drug KOS-1022. Its a protein inhibitor. It comes in pill form which I will take every other day. Most of my time will be spent getting bloodtests and ECGs.
I will be monitored very closely during the trial.
I haven't made the final decision to be involved in the study but I am very close to signing the consent and getting started.



  • sladich
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    Best of luck!

  • Limey
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    Good luck Joyce, can you fill me in on your situation? any info on what this should do for you? I am currently seeking alternatinve solutions
  • jana11
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    Best of luck. The trial I am on I get desatanib, which is a protein inhibitor - but I take the pills every morning. Hmmmm.

    For me, so far so good. I hope the same for you!! jana
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    Best of luck and keep us posted please.