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After reading so many posts on feelings, thoughts, sensations, side effects, attitude, partners, etc I thought I would provide my experience and insight to all those interested:

BACKGROUND for newbies: DX in July 06 with Stage II colon cancer in sigmond. Had emergency surgery to remove tumor. Pathology report stated no lymph node involvement and no signs of spreading. Last CT Scan was 25 May 07 and all looked good.

From DX to now I have found faith and the Lord again. Find I do not get stressed ut like before over anything, money issues, chores, housework, work, etc. I take one day at at ime.

I tend to cry more often at sad stories, in church, at the drop of hat, movie, etc. I am more emotional now in my life before DX.

God brought me together with a wonderful couple during my chemo treatments which in turn brought me back to my faith in the Lord.

I now volunteer at the hospital I received treatment and enjoy every minute.

I guess what I am trying to say is that GOD gave me this life and I am finally realizing what that means. See right now my eyes are starting to water.

I encourage everyone to LIVE life and enjoy every moment that is given. Remember the old saying, stop and smell the roses, well let me tell you, the fragance is great!!!!

I love ya all so much.


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    You make me cry too.
    Though I never drifted away from God, I found a relationship that is much closer and realized profoundly that this life is not our last stop, only transitory.
    I think that actually helped me relax and let God take over the really difficult days.
    We can fight this beast, but not without a commanding officer.
    Jo Ann
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    Hi Nudgie,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughtful post.
    In terms of the emotional rollercoaster I found my teariest times to be when I had finished my first round of Chemo and was found "all-clear". Music, hymns, movies, all seemed to trigger these waves of tears... tears of relief. They are an important part of our emotional make up and so necessary for cleansing and release. Every now and then I'll come across a short inspirational video clip that brings the gift of tears with it.
    Living with cancer brings us to a deeper place.
    Thanks again for your post.
    Rob; in Vancouver
    "A Cancer Journal"
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    Amen...Same here...the only difference is that I do not watch sad movies or news....
    But you are sooo right...Nothing bother me anymore...I see everything so simple now...everything has a solution....
    God bless
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    Like you and the others, I have tears in my eyes reading your post (and hurts to cry, even...I just had a chemo treatment today).

    Like you, my husband and this experience has taught me not to be in a hurry..don't fret over spilt milk, things will get done when they get done! That has helped so much.

    I feel blessed that I am doing well and finding this site and reading your posts and others. that has been a big help to me, as well.

    Praying for you, Nudgie