sick and nervous

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I finished my chemo about 1.5 wks ago and have been running around, joyously. Developed a sore throat, which then deteriorated. Went to see dr. yesterday. He said prob a virus but is putting me on antibiotics just in case. They did a blood test and my WBC count is very low -- neutrophils are 0.8! I'm going to do three days of Neupogen, to boost the WBC (I had to do this throughout chemo). I'm so nervous -- with my WBC count so low. And also discouraged --- just when I thought it was all over and I was just going to get stronger and stronger. And I'm due to get on a plane in 10 days -- will I be OK by then? I'm all achy and flu-y. Yuck. Anyway -- just needed a little moan with my 'family'.


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    How many chemo sessions have you had? I find that each session produces different after-effects. I have had 15...sometimes I am great the day after I finish and other times it takes a week. I have recently had a permanent sore throat...I think you will be fine in 10 days. I drove from Texas to California,by myself, and spent three weeks all together on the trip. I was tired, but that goes with the territory. Just take it easy and have faith...this too will pass.
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    Oh Tara,

    Sorry you feel so yucky. Maybe the last treatment just did you in some and taking a while to bounce back. Add to that you sound like you caught something to make it worse. Sounds like your doc is working to fix it though. I think that JADot used to eat lots of good protien to get her counts back up. Maybe some healthy juices too might help with the "virus". I know that helps me some. HUGS and will send good vibes that you can take your plane ride.

    Lisa F
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    Tara, dear soul....I remember being in white count low/flu symptoms/11 hour plane ride looming!!!

    My Neulasta kicked in. I use (with my onc's ok) OTC flu stuff, and wore a mask on the plane. Made SURE to tell the flight crew that I was protecting me from them, not them from!

    I did fine. Rest as much as you can between now and then. My white count was ALWAYS in the basement!!! 1 year past any is in low/normal range all by itself...yea!!!


    NAKED HAPPY DANCE!! for the end of chemo!!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    Hi Tara,
    I'm so sorry that you aren't feeling well! I never had a problem with a low WBC count, but the last time I did chemo I ended up with bronchitis within 2 weeks of my last session. I think it was because I was so relieved and excited to be done that maybe I let my defenses down and got really sick because of it. Anyway, after a course of antibiotics it did clear up and I've been fine for the last 4 months.
    I'm sending positive energy your way, hoping that you feel better and are able to take your trip with no problem!
    Take care,
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    Take a deep breath. This is just another bump in the roiad. You will feel better in time for the trip. I am praying for your sore throat to go away and sending hugs.

    Have a great trip.

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    Hi Tara,
    I finished my chemo 3 years ago on July 9 and was thrilled, but I also remember being in tears on vacation at the end of August because I was too fatigued still to feel like doing much of anything! My problem during chemo had been low RBC and very low potassium, and I felt like a wet rag! After a few months, I started to feel more like my old self, but I got so impatient with how long that took!
    Hope you feel better fast, but give it the time you need and rest when you feel tired.
    All the best and congrats on completing chemo. Judy
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    Tara, hope you feel better quickly and by the time your trip rolls around, you'll be celebrating big time! Congrats on the finishing chemo. What a milestone! You'll conquer this too.
    God Bless
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    Just give your body some time to bounce back. The Nulasta can make you feel a little fluish too so after 2 or 3 days you may feel much better.
    You should go on your trip and have as much fun as you can. Rest as needed, but don't put off your life!
    Hope by now you are already feeling better.
    Jo Ann
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    Hi Tara,
    It's a bummer to be sick when you have finished being SICK. Don't let it scare you. You are taking all the right precautions and you WILL get better. All the way, back to normal better. It just takes way longer than it seems like it should. Get a lot of rest and read some good books and you will build up.
    Kathi had some excellent advice for the plane ride.
    Here's to feeling WAY BETTER!!!!!!