To jams67 and thank you guys

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Hi, first of all thank you all so much for your "congrats". To jams: I can tell you I had the "cocktail" too and it was terrible, but now that I am only on Avastin, I have no side effects at all. I go every two weeks and I am only at the center for about 1 1/2 hrs and out I go. I still have trouble off and on from the extent of the colon surgery (I guess) but I take paregoric everyday and it has been helping alot. Thank you all again for your support!!!



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    I missed your last post. Congrasts on NED. Welcome to the club.

    I am doing the happy dance for you, but I have my jammies on. lol

  • jams67
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    Paregoric! Yuck! I used to give that to my babies when they had colic. I tasted it once and almost had a mouth seizure. What happened to zantac and pepcid AC?
    It is good to know that Avastin by itself doesn't produce many side effects. Hopefully I will never have to try it, but one never feels very secure after going through cancer once.

    Jo Ann