June 18th is when I had my first LEEP procedure. Unfortunately the sample tissues came back as cancer. However I am thankful it just the begining and from what I know can be treated. My question is. . . If you have had a LEEP how long does it take for you to stop discharging? I know recovering takes time but goodness! Does anyone have an issue with the discharge having a gross smell to it??? Please tell me I'm not the only one!


  • kmygil
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    Hi. I'm really sorry to hear that your sample came back as cancer. It is not a club you really want to join, but you will get a lot of encouragement and support on this site.

    I have not had a LEEP, but I have had laser vaporization and a cold cone. With the laser, I discharged for about 5 weeks and with the cold cone I just had some bleeding for about a week. I don't know if this helps.

    Sending healing vibes your way....
  • marie3135
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    I am sorry about your diagnosis. I had a LEEP done approximately 10 years ago on my cervix. I had a very small area done. I do remember discharge for a good 3 weeks - and yes for a time there was this smell that can't be desribed. My thought is since this procedure is kind like burning the area that is being treated, your bound to have some type of odor. I would say if you have pain w/the discharge, have it checked out to rule out any infection. Thankfully I have not had any cervical issues since, the LEEP took care of the cells. My recurring cancer is vulvar. It comes back every 5 years or so and then its back in for more laser surgery. I had my 3rd surgery 7-5-06. So far so good. I am already aware this will be a life-time battle, I'm just thankful this has been the only treatment required.
    Good luck in the future and hang in there, you'll pull through great!