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Hi everyone,

Good news. My recent CT and CT/PET showed no signs of any tumor activity. I have a nodule in my upper left lung that we are watching but it didn't change in size. I get scanned every 2 months. It's been 2.9 years since diagnosis. Stage IV (colon resection, lower left lobe of my lung removed, liver resection, RFA, and 2 chemoembolizations). There was a lot of anxiety waiting for this test result because in the past it seemed four months after treatment I would have a recurrence. My last treatment was mid-January (chemoembolization)on the liver. I feel so relieved. I plan to enjoy the rest of the summer. I go back the end of August for retesting. I'm new to the message board and which I paid attention to it when I was home for 9 months. I read all the posts and hopefully soon I'll get to know all of you a lot better. I do plan to attend the Colon Palooza. Well, have a good evening.



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    I'm so happy for you! Your news is so good you almost made me cry.
    Look forward to meeting you in Nashville. I'm a native Texan and have never had a pair of boots, but I'm sure they are not on the required list.
    Jo Ann
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    Hi Debbie,
    That's wonderful news! I fully understand the anxiety while waiting. Have a great celebration!
    Take care,
  • StacyGleaso
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    We all look forward to meeting you in Nashville. You too, Joann!! I am glad to see that everyone realizes this open invitation to the Palooza makes these postings of great progress even more special!

    Hugs, and WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great News Debgie. congrats. I hope this is a new trend you have started for yourself. many more NED your way.
  • jana11
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    Super congratulations!! Have an amazing summer and celebrate each part of each day!

    Look forward to seeing you in Nashville. jana
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    another wwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • robinvan
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    I just love hearing news like this!! Never get tired of it actually!! Congratulations Debbie.
    Rob; in Vancouver
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    Wonderful news on the scans! Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your good news with us. Makes my day.
  • Lisa Rose
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    Congratulations Debbie on wonderful news. Looking forward to meeting you in Nashville - have a wonderful summer and enjoy everyday. Baby Lisa
  • usakat
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    Hello Debbie! You are amazing and a true inspiration! Many congratulations on your clear scans - wonderful news to start such a beautiful day. Time to celebrate and enjoy life and good health. See you in Nashville...
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    Way to go! Yeaa!!!
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    Terrific ! Enjoy and celebrate. God Bless