CT-Scan Clear

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I had my one year CT-Scan last Sunday and the results were out today- I'm still NED in what the onc called completely clear. However my Plateletts and White Blood cells are still in the low range of safe. ONC said he's not surprised a year just isn't enough to recover from all the patient gets put through. I know my fight is not over. Still I felt guilty walking through the hospital lobby with my good news past so many faces I didn't know. Some of them just starting the fight; some continuing the treatments; and remembering my radiation buddy who lost his battle not so many months ago.


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    I just went in for 2 year bloodwork, and my onc said that my counts were just now back to normal. She says it takes this long for that to happen. So happy to hear your good news!
    Jo Ann
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    Great news on your CT-Scan results! Try not to feel guilty. You give others hope! Enjoy your good news!
    Take care,
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    And just for the record....

    YOU are what newbies NEED to see walking down the halls!!! People need to see that there ARE SURVIVORS! I don't care if it is surviving a season, surviving a test, or surviving a year....YOU ARE A SURVIVOR!!! (can you hear me now?!?!? lol) If every survivor just goes on with life, never looking back, never encouraging others, than what was the lesson learned? We all benefit from each other regardless of where we are on the journey. For each person lost in the battle, there are SO many who can benefit from your fight.

    Keep up the great progress!!!!

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    Stacy is right. It is the good news and the woop it up ers that make such a place vearable. Congrats on your good news. I am hoping i will be posting similar news tomorrow. Keep up the good fight
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    I agree with all the rest... you are doing your part by coming here and sharing your news with the other people who need to hear it.. and you deserve the good news - NEVER feel guilty for health.. you will not take it for granted. :) Enjoy the goodness of getting a free and clear report. jana
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    YaaaaHoooo! Great news! Don't let anything diminish your joy. Your healing doesn't hurt anyone and brings great hope to others.
    Be well!
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    CONGRATULATIONS! Excellent news. Thank you for sharing your news with us. It makes a difference - lifts my heart and spirits.
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    Congratulations!!! By sharing your good news you not only give us something to celebrate (the victory of one of our brothers), but you also give us hope. Thanks for sharing your great news!
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    Wonderful news and so inspiring for me!
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    Great news! You'll be a beacon of encouragement to others, so don't feel guilty! God Bless