Got Ct results, not so good

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Well, my husband and I went today for his Ct results.... yeah 2 3 to 4 cm nodule on right lung and 1 on the left lung, and a shadowy spot on the colon gee anything else. Need I say we are not doing to good. Has to schedule at PET scan. Doc said that this stuff usually goes to the liver then the lungs so he said not to worry too much, yeah easy for him to say. Husband is so disappointed me, I am pissed. So now what do we do. Chemo again, surgery I don't know all I know is I want to cry right now! Thanks for listening. Time to get on with the research to see whats next so we can be prepared. Sandy


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    Hi Sandy,

    While this is easier said than done, try not to freak out, especially around your husband. He needs you to stay calm, have faith and be positive.

    Sounds like your husband's onc said not to worry, so maybe it's good to follow the doctor's orders for now?

    I have the same thing - a 4 mm lung nodule at the base of my right lung that is currently under surveillance via CT and CT/PET scans (and cysts on liver, uterus and ovary). As of my last CT/PET nothing had any uptake of the radioactive glowy stuff (see Rob's Blog today), meaning that it probably is not cancer, but scar tissue or simple cysts. Again, not cancer!

    As most will tell you here, lung nodules are not uncommon. Try to stay positive until your husband has his PET scan. When you get the results of the PET scan you can then plan your next move, which is hopefully to go have a celebratory date with your hubby.

    Hope this helps...

    "Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step." Martin Luther King, Jr.
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    I'm so sorry to hear the CT results were not as we all would have wished. It is normal to feel sad/mad/scared. I am hoping for better news from the PET. Getting back in that saddle (of information-search, decision-making, then treatment) is one of the hardest things I have had to do. But you do it. Sending all good wishes.
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    Sandy, first off breathe. The information you were just given is big news and is difficult to absorb. some on this board have had stage IV, went NED and stayed NED. others (like myself) respond very well to chemo but the darn stuff seems to come back each time. You have to live with the understanding that the answer is just around the corner. one of these times, I will stay NED and one of these times they will have a natural or chemically produced substance that will kill my cancer. they same is true for your husband. The only thing I have gotten from this line of thinking is peace inside me.
    you two will overcome these odds and you will see progress.
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    My first CT scan after my chemo showed 2 nodules on lungs. 2 spots on liver.

    I was terrified. Lung nodes were not cancer. I used to be a smoker (many, many years ago) and it was shown to be scar tissue. Liver spots were cysts - already knew that because surgeon had a look when he did my LAR.

    Hard not to panic (I did!!) but my Oncologist explained to me that because we have "Cancer" on our medical record any little abnormality is noted during CT scans etc.

    Just hang in there.. I hope that the next news you receive will be good news.

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