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Hi all, Haven't posted for awhile but I too read the posts nearly everyday and keep you in my prayers. Brief history, DX 7/06, Colon stage 3c. Did chemo 9/6 to 3/7...seems CEA is a good indicator for me. Started at 4.8 before and after surgery...then down to 1.7 with chemo...number stayed that way for last 2 months on chemo. CEA has only risen to 2.0 as of last week BUT I'm trusting it will settle down again soon. Next month I'll have my 1st colonoscopy since dx'd1 Staying positive with you all! Keep the faith!


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    Good to hear from you. Keep us posted . Good luck and God Bless
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    Glad to hear things are going well. Keep us posted on the outome of your colonoscopy.