my mom is going in for surgery tomarrow so scared

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My mom has a 2.7cm mass in her lung and she has had a Pet scan, ct, bonescan, and they did a needle biopsy. she has been to two different surgeons one does VATS the other dont she went with the one that does Vats. Even though he scared us so bad. That it still can spread even though her tests were good. He said so many different thing.Im so scared My mom is so scared. the doctor said that he would look in there with the scope and then go from there. I dont think I have ever been this scared in my life.My mom is such a wonderful person.My mom took care of my step Dad for 3yrs with lung cancer.He just passed away last Nov. I just cant belive this is happening.My mom has been through so much. and still going through it. I just needed someone to talk to.Can anyone help. Its my moms birthday today see is 60. Thank for listening.


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    Cancer is VERY scary: scary for patients and scary for family members! I know I wanted a magic wand to suddenly appear and whisk the cancer away both times I was diagnosed. None showed up. But friends from church and work poured in when I started sharing what I was going through. Some listened. Many offered to help though they didn't know what I needed. It really helps to have a list of what you need figured out. I needed help with dinners, help with lifting things, help with shopping, help with laundry, help even taking walks so I'd get back to normal faster. Some folks showed up to take me to the mall so I could walk in air conditioning ( a must for recovering from lung surgery!). Some sent gift cards for dinner out. Some sent dinners. I really didn't want flowers, cards or plants. I really did want to get back into doing things I normally did as soon as I could. You and your mom may be different in needs and wants, but you might still consider making a list of what would help you and start letting folks near at hand know what would help you as you travel down this road. It is a rough one, but not one you have to travel alone.
    ((((((((((Prayers and hugs!!!))))))))))

    PS You have been through surgary waits before no doubt. Still, don't forget to pack a care package for yourself for tomorrow. You will need money for meals, something to read and entertain yourself, a safe place to walk and stretch your legs. I was supposed to have surgery at 7:30 in the morning. They didn't start until lunch time and it was 2:30 before I hit the OR. The best thing that happened to me when I had a lobe removed was a total lack of empty beds in the whole hospital. I was put in the recovery room for the whole night. Three nurses waited on me hand and foot for almost 20 hours before I was placed in the regular room promised to me if I didn't need a lung removed and ICU. By that time I was doing much better though not out of bed. Without that, it would have helped if someone had stayed to fetch ice chips for me when I got thirsty and my throat hurt. I did not have the strength to hold a cup of ice for awhile either. The pain meds they gave me and the spinal block kept me more or less comfortable throughout the recovery time in the hospital though it certainly wasn't something I would call a fun experience. Again, I am praying that it will go well.
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    Hi your fear is very understandable and normale.I think we all go thru it.I had a tumor the size of a softball removed Aug.11,2005.along with seventeen lymph nodes which 2 tested positive.I came from onco yesterday and thanks to God and the good doctors I am still cancer free.When first diagnosed I thought I would be gone in a few months,so dont lose hope,my prayers and thoughts are with you and your mom. Mike
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    How are you?

    How did the surgery go?

    I hope you are hanging in there