New Info to Nodule in Left Lung

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I just found out that my doctor did not tell me about 3 new "Lesions" seen on last CT so between the first and the last about 2 weeks 3 new lesions appeared that are between 1.2 and 1.5 cm. The needle biopsy came back inconclusive and it appears they did not biopsy the original nodule with spiculation but one of the new ones. I am having a PET/CT Fusion Thursday and was wondering if I should demand my doctor sends me to a pulmonary specialist? So far as I know only my Primary and the radiologist have been involved. I am a little scared because these new lesions have showed up. Anyone have any advice. What should I do? Thanks to all who have shared previously.



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    While the PET/CT test is not the same as getting a piece of tissue under the microscope, it gives your doctors a LOT of information: what it probably is, where it is, and what shape each nodule is. If the radiologist feels that is cancer, he will definately recommend you go to a surgeon. You will want a thoracic (that means chest) surgeon, preferably one who specializes in cancer. However, many things can cause nodules and not all of them are cancer. Some are treatable, some curable, and some not much of a problem. A lady the week before my operation had TB, not cancer. Another had dried up mucous from a past case of bronchitis! Both of these folks had gotten inconclusive tests from the same experts I chose, but you HAVE to follow these things up. Missing a lung cancer diagnosis is worse than getting a lung cancer diagnosis. Me, I had lung cancer on top of breast cancer and needed a lobe removed. Both cancers I've been diagnosed with were stage 1, which is possibly curable with surgery. As my oncologist told me, I've been very lucky in an unlucky way. Both cancers were found. If they think it MAY be cancer, they should recommend a biopsy, this time removing more tissue. Chest surgery is a probability just to make sure they know what it is and what it isn't. I have mentioned the VATS procedure before. It is definately major surgery, but it removes the nodule through a limited incision which hastens recovery and preserves lung function. A general surgeon can also do lung surgery, but they are not likely to be able to do the VATS surgery. Anyhow, you want someone who does several a week, not once or twice a year. I saw a pulmonary specialist AFTER surgery was over. Mind you, I had pulmonary (breathing) tests BEFORE surgery so the surgeon knew how much lung he could remove IF NECESSARY without handicapping me. There are options for folks whose lungs will not withstand surgery or where surgery is not enough. But take things one day at a time. Plan to take 1 1/2 to 2 hours for the PET/CT scan Thursday. Treat yourself and whoever drives you to a relaxing lunch afterward and reward yourself for making it through that test (not that it is in anyway difficult except for the not eating part beforehand!) Expect the results about a week later or so. That will give you time to decide where you would go for surgery and/or for pulmonary specialist treatment if that is necessary. Then as you get your results, you will have a plan to follow. That helps with controlling fear, which is a big problem we all deal with. Good luck!
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    Based on the fact that a nodule has spiculated edges you should see a pulmonologist and throrasic surgeon immediately