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Three moths ago my brother in law Peter (45 years) was diagnosed with stomach / adenocarcinoma cancer, unfortunately, metastasis at the liver was discovered. He’s been on chemotherapy all this time, after evaluation it was confirmed that the tumor at the stomach is stable; however, the metastasis is spreading even more.

This week he was proposed by his doctor some alternatives for future treatment, one of them is to become part of clinical trial for a treatment with SUTENT.

Any information about SUTENT's results will be highly appreciated.




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    sign up to the web site [email protected] there you will find a lot of help with your question
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    I too am looking for information on Sutent. They have a website at Did you try that address below? I'm not sure how to access it. On the web, nothing comes up and email gets an error message. I'm trying to purchase the drug to send overseas to my uncle. -mary