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Hi all. My Dr. prescribed Effexor for depression for me and I've heard horror stories about it and am afraid to start taking it. Has anybody out there had experience with this drug? I'm going to research it carefully before starting it since I have enough problems just from chemo and such. I would appreciate any help anyone came give me on this. Thanks, Polly


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    Don't let FEAR rule your life. FEAR = False expectations appearing real. Lots of wasted energy. My anti depressent, anti anxiety has made my days smoother and allowed me to sleep at night. I know that every single drug on the market has oodles of warnings covering everything to protect the company from lawsuit. If you assume that you will get all of the side effects mentioned you will never get relief. I take Paxil or the generic equivalent of. I have never taken Effexor. I am also working very hard on not letting negative thoughts rule my day. I am getting stronger in fighting my fears and panics. Don't shortchange yourself, Shortstuff. ((Hugs))
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    Hi Polly, I haven't had effexor just wanted to send you hugs n prayers. Love ya Bonnie
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    Hi Shortstuff,
    I think Saundra gave some very real and excellent advice. I was on Effexor for hot flashes!!!So you'll be relief in two areas for the cost of one!!!LOL LOL...I was on the 37.5 dose and felt that it helped me the most, you at least can do a lower dose first. Good luck and lots of (((hugz)))..Joanne