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My stepson, stageIV, is finally ready to start some research and read some inspirational material. Of course we have Lance Armstrong and also Pat Quellin. Any other recommendations. (He's 34) He's starting some nutritional changes also. Would appreciate any recommendations.


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    Hi Jan,

    Good to hear from you.

    I'll list a few of my favorites with a little description about each (I don't think any are "chick books" but you never know).

    "A Cancer Battle Plan" by Anne Frahm - "Six strategies for beating cancer from a hopeless case". Good desciptions of what cancer does to the body and how the immune system works to fight it.

    "Love, Medicine, and Miracles" by Bernie S. Siegel, MD. A surgeon humbled by the amazing healing from some of his excetional patients. Great inspiration along with some tools on how you can "think" yourself well (or sick).

    "Hope In The Face Of Cancer" by Amy Givler, M.D. She and her husband are both doctors and she was pregnant when she was first diagnosed. As a 10 year survivor her book is more about the transition from patient to survivor.

    "The Maker's Diet" by Jordan S. Rubin NMD.,PhD.

    A must read for anyone that wants to better understand how the colon works and what can "gum" it up. His dietary recommendations are all based on what is in the Bible and make great sense.

    Take care and stay in touch.

    Lisa P.
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    Hi from Vancouver...
    Hey this is a great way to see what others are reading!! Here are a few of my favorites...

    "Choices in Healing: Integrating the Best of Conventional and Complementary Approaches to Cancer" by Michael Lerner. Should be in most public libraries.
    "There's No Place Like Hope" by Vickie Girard. A nice little easy to read book with lot's of bite-sized advice from a cancer survivor.
    "Can Survive:Reclaiming Your Life After Cancer" by Susan Nessim. Particular good for the post-treatment challenges of putting your life back together.
    As far as nutrition goes, sounds like you've already got one of the best books.
    TTFN... Rob; in Vancouver
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