venting ready to give up!!!

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hello all,
i am sorry to vent, things have not been good since last month. my health is good thank god. my son is in need of expensive dental care. he has medicare but it doesn't cover dental. we are trying different things, his union,etc. only problem it takes time and he needs this done asap. he is autistic and some times has problems dealing with things and gets himself twisted which in turn gets me twisted. he has colitis and we are afraid that the infection from his teeth will flare up his colitis again. he was on humana thru medicare but somehow got(misplaced) and he has no med coverage right now. so we have to get his meds which are 400.00 for a 30 day supply. i have alot to be thankful for but i just had to vent. i have been out of work since 11/06 and now my state dis has run out. i get no help from my family.. he will be going to dentist tomorrow and have 2 teeth pulled cost 1,000.00. so i am stressing alot about everything,bills from my battle with the beast and my latest hernia surgery,income, my son's situation. again sorry to vent.
i feel like giving up.


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    Sorry Bruce, you can't give always end your posts with never, ever give technically speaking (and I AM a lawyer) you are contractually bound to perservere! Seriously though, I know, as do others here, that sometimes even a full recovery comes with challenges, some that we don't feel ready to meet. I too worry about money (no matter how much i make we never have enough and have 3 college tuitions on the horizon). My wife's job as a teacher is conditional (she is a long term sub) and without her income things can get very tight. Regular life can throw curves and our struggle with cancer has already taken a little of the starch out of us. However, breathe deep and get through each day, trying to solve one small problem at a time. How has you recovery from your hernia surgery gone? Do you plan to go back to work? I don't blame you for venting...consider yourself vented. Then pat yourself on the back for beating cancer, then start to address your issues one at a time. And if you can't solve them all....then you figure out what to do next. I know days like the one you are talking about. Perservere good friend!
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    Bruce. I know how frustrated things can be . Seems like when it rains it pours. You might think this is an off the wall idea, but from time to time I sell on ebay to supplement my income. You'd be amazed at how you can find things at garage sales , flea markets etc. and resell them at a profit. Just a thought you might want to try. In any event ,don't give up and vent anytime.God Bless
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    Hi Bruce,
    I understand how frustrating things can be. I'm glad that you came here to vent. I love the way you end your posts, they're usually so positive! Please remember that tomorrow is a new day and hopefully things will look better.
    Stay positive and take care,
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    Hey Bruce...
    Don't apologize to us about venting. We've all been there... and we'll all be there again. There's nothing like the financial pinch that cancer causes to add insult to all of our other injuries! It's easy to feel overwhelmed. I admire your spirit and your willingness to share openly. I hope you can find a way to get some space and peace in the next few days.
    Keep on keep'n on!!
    "A Cancer Journal"
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    Hi Bruce,

    Vent all you want--we need to do that. Salt in the wounds, that's what financial burdens on top of cancer are. But when you are through venting, take a deep breath, write down the problems, prioritize them, and tackle them in order. This will not only help solve the issues, it will give you a sense of control and accomplishment which will, in turn, give you some peace.

    Bruce, you are a fighter and an essentially positive person. Your posts have encouraged us in our battles. You know we all pray for you and we are sending positive energy back your way.

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    Plese dont give up. You need to help your son. Perhaps a social worker at the hosp, can get your son on free care. Just ask.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Bruce, I'm sorry to hear about all the stress you are facing; as if fighting cancer wasn't enough. Feel free to vent here any time, but remember your own motto of "never give up". Have you asked your pharmacist if they participate in any free drug programs with specific manufacturers to help cover your medication costs? Please hang in there; sending prayers your way.
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    NEVER GIVE UP! but definitely come and vent!

    So have you given any thought to finding a dental school to take your son to? the prices are lower b/c they are "practicing" on you. check it out.

    Hope this helps.

    If it's any consolation to you EVERY thing i did (besides my surgery) that I did to heal from cancer was OUT OF MY OWN POCKET! We literally had to "sell the farm" to finance my health. But it was worth every penny. Just wanted you know I understand.

    peace, emily
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    It's been a few days since this post however I'm hoping you are feeling much better after venting. Your a Jersey Boy I know you'll find your way!