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I just got my ct scan results after 6 cycles of chemo. I have tumors in my chest wall and one just above the liver and one lymphnode is slightly infected. My onc was excited and I was disappointed. The one above my liver is so small they cannot "characterize" it. the node is very small. The tumors in my chest wall are unchanged and have not grown so my onc thinks my treatments are working. She said I may never get rid of my tumors and be on maintenance to keep them under control. Has anyone out there been or is on maintenance. How long have you all survived ov? I was diagnosed in jan of 2005 and my reocurrance was in oct 2006 and I started chemo again in feb 2007. I am discouraged that the chest tumors have not shrunk and would like to hear from you.


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    After 4 chemo treatments with shrinkage, I now am being scheduled for my first surgery to be followed by a years maintenance of taxol given monthly. No experience yet, but will be watching for you to see how it goes. Are you being given the same chemo as before or are they changing to something else?
    Hang in there, be strong, and prayers are on your way.
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    Hi eleen, I haven't had your experience, but the women in my support group have had a lot of experience with recurrences and different chemos. Between the three different cities we've been treated in, there's been a broad range of chemos. I think the most important thing to consider is how do you feel? The numbers can start to consume and discourage us, and it's always important to assess how we're feeling overall. One of our group members has been on some sort of chemo or another for eight years now, and she's one of the most positive people I know, soon to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary!

    I will say a prayer for you, as I'm sure others in our group will. I hope you'll start to feel more positive soon!
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    Hi Eleen, I have been on chemo for 4 1/2 years. No real remissions, however I do take 3 month chemo brakes. My tumor markers can go down into the normal range but the cancer never goes away. Maybe one day, who knows. I know other women who are dealing with ovarian cancer ongoing for 6 and 8 years now. It is hard to say what our bodies will do and which chemos will give some of us remissions.

    I also know the disappointment - as we get very hopeful, even if we try not to, and then disappointment hits. But then the fight mode kicks back in or we just get over it and get on with living each day the Lord has given to the best of our abilities. And believe me with much joy and thanksgiving here, think not that many years back they weren't keeping woman alive very long who dealt with ovca ongoing.

    Sending you buckets of Prayers N Hugs

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    I know the disappointment you speak of...I have nodes that also don't disappear, but until they start to show signs of growing I go back on chemo..I have wondered at times why I don't do a maintanence chemo as well. My Onc belives that I should come off the chemo, let my body get strong again, and start tx. when my Ca-125, CT scan and my personal feelings say it's time to treat. He might have something there. I'm gonna start my 6th and final cycle of Gemzar, and my body has really tolerated it so well, he said my blood work is as good as a person not on chemo. Good luck and keep us posted on how you are feeling..(((hugz)))..Joanne