CP 5 Here we come!!!!

Lisa Rose
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Lisa and I booked our tickets today to come to Nashville. It sure will be great to see everyone and be back in the states.When we lived in the states we would go to Nashville quite often but now that we live in Canada we don't get there very often. Stacey we can't wait to see you and the rest of the gang! We all appreciate the work and expense you have gone to put this party on!!!!Kay do not book your trip home at 6am like Halifax!!! Lisa P do not forget to bring my special treats. Kris we have had several Moose sightings more info to follow. Bob and Katie see you in Sept, Kerry we look forward to seeing your pretty face and your beautiful smile. Jersey Sue I don't want your phone call this year I want see your pretty face in person.

Andy & Lisa


  • StacyGleaso
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    EXCELLENT! It's all seeming very REAL now!

    The "states" have missed you two!!!!

  • Lisa Rose
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    Hey Stacy,

    Andy and I are looking forward to our time back home in the States.

  • jerseysue
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    I'm excited as well! I hope to the good Lord that I don't have to make phone calls. All good vibes! See you both in a few months!
  • sladich
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    Hi everyone. This will be my first one and I look forward to meeting everyone.