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My 57 year old husband was diagnosed with GBM IV in May 2007. He is undergoing radiation and chemo, and had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible.
He is a changed person. His energy level appears to be declining, he rarely sleeps and exhibits poor insight and judgement. His moods swing between normal and near hostility.
I have never asked about life expectancy. He has ignored my dietary suggestions about less sugar and junk food which does not help.

Can anyone tell me about their experience in the progression of this illness following chemo and radiation. I am concerned about his quality of life.


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    I'm so sorry! can read my webpage...on this typing janinemah in the search box..
    Good Luck and hang in there...
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    Hi there. My mom in law was diagnosed with GBM on May 11th, 2007 ( her 69th bday). She had a seizure and theydid some tests to find out she had GBM tumor.s wrong. We are still in complete shock.....our dad in law just had brain surgery on April 5th to remove a benign pituitary tumor. This was his 3rd surgery for it...and his last. He had major complications and is still in rehab.

    My mom in law had surgery on May 18th and started radiation and Temodar yesterday.

    My mom in law doesn't know much about her tumor and some of us want to tell her about it, but others don't want her to know what the doctors said or that it is stage 4.

    Do you think your husband would want to know the truth or do you think it should be kept from him?

    I'm sorry for making this so long. But I have been doing so much research and trying to contact people going through this GBM tumor....but it has been so hard to find anyone to respond.

    I don't know either of you, but I will keep you in my prayers along with my mom in law.

    Take care.
    Donna Muzzicato
    New Jersey
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    Elane, I am 37 and I was diagnosed with a grade 3 astrocytoma in October of 2001. My tumor is the grade 3 version of what your husband has. Depending on what part of his brain is directly affected, some of his issues may be physical things that he can't help. I'm sure with radiation and chemo his energy level should be way down. I would bet, he is scared to bits and just doesn't want anyone to see and that's why he seems hostile. Trying to cover up the fear. I also would bet he's feels like his freedom is being taken away, because he can't do the things he once could.

    If I can help in anyway please go to my web-page here and e-mail me.
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    My mom was diagnosed with GBM last year in July. She has had a craniotomy, with Radiation and Chemo(temador). Even though she has a recurrence currently (don't be discourage, it was just her luck), the 6 months after those treatments felt as though we had our old life back. These are some of the things we did that helped her through Chemo and radiation.
    -Melatonin, VPS(Mushroom Extract), MCP(Modified Citrus Pectin), Boswelia(anti-inflammatory, doesn't interfere with any medication)
    -Vegetable Juice, which includes: Brocolli, Colliflower, Cabbage, Celery, Carrots, and a hint of Green Apple.
    As for his mood, please try to cheer him up. Try to take his attention off reality. Tell him jokes, make him laugh, have friends and family come over. Anything that will make him forget. And for the sweet stuff, cut back totally. Explain to him how sugar triggers the growth. Even cutting back on the sweets will give him months or maybe even years. Stick to organic food, and natural things. Eat raw vegetables and fruits. Cut back on fast foods and anything that might be prepared by using chemicals. All in all, keep a positive attitude towards everything, and everything will be alright. Remind him of his goals in life, and everything that you two have gone through. Everyone is strong, he just has to realize it.

    I don't know what religion you might believe in, but I sure am praying for you and your husband.
    - please ask your doctor before using any of these recommended remedies.
    -Christina Z.
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    I'm a 53 year old male and I was diagnosed with GBM in June of 05. After two surgeries, 30 rad treatments and a year of Temodar I have no further tumors. The combination of the three treatments has diminished slightly my mental and physical capabilities, including have poor insite, judgement and memory.
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    Hi i also have GMB diagnones oct. 04 I have also had sugery resecstion of tumor .I had second resection in july 24.mood swings i have are usully directed at my vocal targets.I'ts hard to have your brain be target of something so aggrsive and have littie or no control.almost 3years out and you got to let go and go forward. STAY SRONG! ROB