Salvage Radiation 5 Years After Removal

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I am new to the group. PSA has risen to 0.2 five years after prostatectomy. Salvage radiation is being recommended. I plan to get two Radiation Oncologist's opinions. One locally, here in Tulsa, OK, and one at M.D. Anderson in Houston.

From my readings so far it appears I have about 1 chance in 3 of being "controlled/cured" after radiation.

I see my local oncologist for the first time Wednesday June 6th. I am developing a "question list" now. Of course side effects are a big item on the list. I have read urinary incontinence, long term, isn't too big of a problem but I am a bit worried about bowel problems. ED is already a problem and the wife and I have already come to grips with that.

Any input from anyone having had Salvage Radiation after a prostatectomy would be appreciated.

Have a great day! PS I am 67 years old and retired.


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    I had a RP in April 2004 and then salvage radiotherapy in November 2004. I wish I had been more questioning then about the benefits of RT. Because for me there were none perhaps I should be more careful and say apparently there were none. It did not move my psa significantly from 0.3 to 0.27 and my bowel after a while became a problem - to be specific when I needed to go it had to be immediate which can be difficult when you are out and about. The problem seemed to get worse after about 9 months. Otherwise I tolerated the 64 gy they gave me in 2 gy doses.

    Since then tumour have metastasised into the lymph system and I am on 150 mg Casodex, my psa dropped to zero like a stone. I now have it intermittently more off than on. Why they didn't give me that after the op to drop the psa I will never know.

    By the way I have an ams penile implant and I find it marvellous.

    Hope this helps - all the best