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My Dad has been dealing with Stage IV colon cancer for almost exactly 3 years. He has amazed his Dr's with how well he has responded to each of the regimens they have had him on. He was told a few months ago that the cancer was back in his liver and there was only one treatment left to try but the Dr. said he didn't expect it to work. Well it did and the cancer is responding to it and shrinking.

He was having problems with his balance a few weeks ago so they sent him for a brain MRI. That showed that the tumors they found there in November were growing again. He had stereotactic radiosurgery in January which apparently didn't work as well as we had hoped. The radiation oncologist told him last week that there is nothing left to try and that he would predict that my Dad has 4-6 months left to live, closer to 4 and suggested that we call hospice. That is the one word that I have been dreading since the start of this nightmare 3 years ago. My dad is devastated and so am I and the rest of my family. He has done so well with everything and now he has a very short life expectancy.

Are the Dr's missing something? Is there anything left to try? If not, how do we prepare for what has been predicted?

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    Dear Deneen:
    Oh my, what a terrible blow to your Dad and your family. I'm so sorry you're faced with this new, discouraging information.

    I'm not a medical expert, but in my own fight with Stage IV colorectal, I found that getting a second and third opinion changed the tide for me. I can't say enough about the care I got at MD Anderson, in Houston! They are a cutting-edge comprehensive cancer center and are doing things that other hospitals/doctors dream of.

    Could you try for a second opinion there? Is that an option?

    Again, I'm so sorry to read your news. Sounds like your Dad is an incredible fighter!

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    I'm so sorry that the results are bad. My motto is never give up though. If your father is up to it, can you go to a major cancer center in the area? Maybe getting second opinion at one like MD Anderson? It is frustrating to have good results with the liver tumors to then have the results of the brain tumors. HUGS and I hope others chime in soon.

    Lisa F.
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    I, too, am so sorry for all your dad and family are going through and this sad news. Has your dad been treated at a Major cancer center? If he is up to it, I certainly suggest, as the others have, to get another opinion, but that is your family's decision and ultimately your dads. I know it's of little consolation, but prayers are with you and your family to give you strength to deal with this and please come here often for support.

    God Bless and hugs,
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    I am so sorry about your father. I agree that you should get another opinion. Do all that you can before you except this prognosis. There are so many treatment options out there. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    Hi Im sorry for the news. First of all I would get a second opinion and maybe a third. If they all say the same thing from my experience (I lost my dad to stage 4 colon cancer) how you prepare for what is predicted is spend as much time as you can with your dad. Make sure you do get Hospice because they really do help. They will make sure he is comfortable if he experiences any pain from the disease. They are with you every step of the way. They will give you a book on what to expect at the end of life. Make sure your dads things are in order. My dads where not and we where running around a week before he passed getting everything prepared. I hope the Dr's are wrong and they can come up with some other regimen for your dad. Best of Luck. Mindy
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    Deneen: This may be a long shot, but I understand from my doctor here in Buenos Aires (see post Hi from Buenos Aires) that there is a doctor at MD Anderson who uses Radiotherapy - the treatment I am currently trying. This treatment is used widely in Europe. May be worth a shot or at least a conversation. My prayers are with your family. Monica
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    I'm sorry that you heard such horrible news. There must be something else they can do. What regimen's has he been on? Is it all over his liver? Has he had surgery? Chemoembolization? RFA? Definitely get a second opinion.

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    Dear, Dear, Deneen!

    My mom is Stage IV colon cancer as well; was diagnosed 01/06 and is on her 3rd kind of treatment - Xeloda. The results of her last CT scan showed liver tumors growing, lung tumors staying the same, and new growth on her adrenal gland and in the lymphnodes in the middle of her chest.

    We live in WI and are being sent for a 2nd opinion at the UW-Madison Hospital on 6/5/07. I did ask her oncologist what we are looking at her as far as the longevity of my mom's life - he said (with cases like this) 6 to 9 months. And he too, said that he now doubts that they can do anything for her.

    WELL I SAY BULL **** TO THAT NOISE, GIRLFRIEND! Not a single one of us in born with an "expiration date" and as long as my mom isn't giving up... neither am I! ; )

    I also contacted and requested information from these "Cancer Centers of America". I mean, what the heck; it can't hurt, right?

    And I can completely relate to how you are feeling. I and only a few of my family members actually know what was said about my mom's life expectancy; her oncologist did not think neither my mom or her husband needed to hear that news - THANK GOD FOR THAT! He's a pretty awesome guy and I trust him, too. Plus, he is not above us getting a 2nd or even a 3rd opinion so...

    What is this whole "novel" actually saying here... (sorry!) That, as my mom does now, if your dad's spirit, faith, and will to live are still in tact I say TRY EVERYTHING YOU CAN! IT'S A LIFE; AND ULTIMATELY ONLY GOD KNOWS THE OUTCOME!

    And if you want to talk anytime; let me know! ; )

    Sincerely & Love,
    Mary from WI
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    Deneen I have been waiting to see an update from you. I am so sorry it was a bad one. I was pulling for your dad. When you asked about preparing all I can tell you is first of all get another opinion. I had to hear that mom could not make it from the absolute best doc out there. Second spend as much time as possible with him and if he does not find another chance you will always feel good that you did. Also let him decide on hospice. My mom would not even go there in her mind until 3 days before she died. I was not about to force that on her. Let him take the lead if he can with a strong shoulder and heart from you. Email me anytime.